Reliable Cab Hailing Services In Various Regions

In recent times, there has been an upsurge in the number of firms that provide cab hailing services in different parts of the world. New apps and services are continuously emerging to make the hailing transport easier. Hailing services were initially developed due to the high demand for prompt and dependable alternative to the traditional method of using public transport.

A lot of people have realised the importance of using this services and the comfort it provides to the user. Cab hailing services give people the option of traveling from one destination to the other in a simple and flexible way. As long as you have a phone and internet service, you can quickly book a ride to your destination. It also saves tourist and first-time visitors the stress of going through city maps to figure out how to get to their destination.

We’ve all heard of Uber, which is a great option because of its global availability – Careem is next, as it is available in 15+ countries. You can read their reviews on their separate pages. This feature however covers more ride sharing services across various regions of the world.

Cab Hailing Services in Various Regions of the World


Based in the United States, Lyft is one of the biggest cab hailing firm with coverage in over 60 cities in the United States. Lyft requires all drivers to have a valid drivers license, criminal, background and DMV checks. Lyft has one of the best Apps which allows customers to book their ride, track their ride and even know their driver’s details. It also offers three variant services, Lyft, Lyft Plus and Lyft Line, that allows users ride alone, or in a group of up to six using the Lyft Plus.


This is the most popular cab haling App in Istanbul with more than 35, 000 licensed drivers, and 200, 000 registered users. Bitaksi provides one of the best cab hailing service in Istanbul with an in-app credit card payment system. Some of its features are cashless payment system, provision of traffic information, drivers rating, location tracker and estimated arrival time of your driver. In case you don’t own a card, they also offer to take cash. The app available on Android and iOS.


Based in the United Kingdom, Hailo is one of the fastest growing cab-hailing services in the UK with support from 8 cities across five different countries which include United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Singapore, Japan. Apart from booking your on ride, Hailo allows users to book a cab on behalf of their friends, guest, and others. Recently, Hailo also introduced an electronic system of making payment which allows the user pay cab fare using the mobile app. It also has the Hailo for Business services that provide a business class ride for premium users. To pay for you ride, you can use credit card or cash.


Ola cab is the biggest and most widely used cab-hailing app in India. It has different fleets of vehicles (think bike, cars, autos, Sedans & SUVs) and covers more than 80 cities in India. One biggest benefit of using the Ola Cabs is that it offers the lowest fare when compared to other hailing services in India. Ola Cabs drivers are appropriately verified. They also give instant confirmation after booking your ride. The App is available on Android, iOS, and Windows mobile applications. You can go cashless by recharging the Ola account or use debit/credit cards.


Easy Taxi was founded in Brazil in 2011 and today; it is available in over 9 countries. Easy Taxi has over 400,000 drivers and an estimated client base of 17 million. It is regarded as the most reliable and safest cab hailing services in the world. The App features the destination fare calculator and also displays the expected arrival time of the driver. Eazy Taxi makes it possible for its users to Sync the app with their Facebook applications to redeem coupons which can be used to get a discount ride. All Easy Taxi drivers are appropriately screened and tested.


Grab Taxi is gradually taking over the Cab hailing industry in Southeast Asia. It is known to offer safety and comfort to the rider; the app is used more in Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong which is more like the commercial capital of Southeast Asia. At present, Grab Taxi has more than 75,000 registered drivers and offers services in 21 cities. Grab Taxi is extremely versatile and very convenient for the Asian market, it is available on Android and iOS devices. To pay, you can use in-app credits or credit card.


LeCab has taken over cab hailing service in Paris. With more than 70,000 active users, LeCab is the best hailing app in Paris. LeCab also allows users rent and fly private jets to their destination while partnering with PrivateFly. The app guarantees arrival of cabs in less than seven minutes, fixed prices rides, and rebooking of a ride. It even has the option of prebooking a ride 30 days in advance! LeCab assures you that every ride will have internet, magazines, phone chargers and iPads on board so that you don’t get bored during your trip. It is available on Android, Windows and iOS mobile applications.


Didi Dache is currently making waves in the technology industry of China. With more than 100 million registered users, and 1.5 million registered Taxi drivers, Didi Dache covers over 300 cities in China. After merging with there biggest competitors, Kuaidi Dache, Didi Dache expanded more and currently records at least 3 million rides daily. The only problem with Didi Dache is that their fare is a bit high. However, it is a more efficient and reliable cab hailing service in China.


Based in the United States, Gett was formerly known as Get Taxi and is now famously known as Juno in USA. It is one of the fastest growing cab hailing services in the United States. Recently, Gett / Juno reduced its price by 30 percent for rides booked in New York City and offered promotional offers to attract new clients. Gett is available in UK, Russia and Israel as well so if you are travelling or live in these regions then is a great ride-sharing service. The App features a cashless payment system, an estimated arrival time and drivers information. Juno allows clients to book their ride up to 2 weeks in advance. Juno and Gett have merged in the USA however their apps and logos are still different in UK, Russia and Isreal. Below are the links to Gett Apps working in USA however if you wish to download Juno, here are their links: Juno iOS | Juno Android


Established in 2011, Cabify is one of the fastest growing cab hailing services in Spain. It features a transparent rating system and offers different services. Cabify for Business and Events was created to help corporate firms book for their business trip in advance. Some of its features are advanced booking, ride tracking, estimated pricing, safety and different payment methods. It is currently available in many countries which include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Peru, Portugal, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama and Columbia. You can pay via cash, PayPal and credit/debit cards.

In conclusion, the Cab hailing service is the best alternative to the use of public transport, though their fare may be a bit high, it is quite reasonable when compared to the comfort they provide.

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