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Cometdocs may be the ultimate PDF converter. Many times users have technical issues with PDF converters or simply don’t understand how they work. Some PDF converters are also very costly, and many of the free PDF converters don’t offer the same quality as professional ones. But, with Cometdocs, users get a fast and simple interface that works great. Best of all, it has options for both users looking for a free option as well as those looking for a premium experience.


Cometdocs is a free online PDF converter that can convert your PDF files into Word documents as well as several other formats. What separates Cometdocs from other PDF converters is its streamlined use as well as its ability to convert PDFs into several other formats, namely HTML. Cometdocs also allows users to send their files via email directly from the site as well as make their files public so others can access them. When it comes down to it, Cometdocs is the ultimate PDF converter.


Using Cometdocs is very simple. After creating a Cometdocs account (which can be linked with Facebook, Google+, or a Microsoft Live account), users can upload files from their computer and convert them to basically any format they want. Users can also sync files from their Dropbox and Google Drive accounts. The process is super simple, and it probably takes about thirty seconds to complete. Once users select their file and desired format, all they do is simply wait a few seconds and the new file is available for download. What kind of files can you convert your PDF into? Well, take your pick. Cometdocs users can convert their files into:

  • Word (docx)
  • Excel (xlsx)
  • DWG (dwg)
  • Powerpoint (pptx)
  • DXF (dxf)
  • BMP (bmp)
  • GIF (gif)
  • JPEG (jpeg)
  • ODP (odp)
  • ODS (ods)
  • ODT (odt)
  • PNG (png)
  • TIF (tif)
  • and TXT (txt)

As you can see, Cometdocs users have a lot of options to choose from. There is no doubt an option for anyone and everyone’s needs. Users can also convert non-PDF documents into PDFs, but as handy as this is it is kind of pointless. Users can easily convert files to PDF on their computer without any special software. That doesn’t change the fact that Cometdocs offers a great and all encompassing service. I particularly like the fact that Cometdocs offers HTML conversion, as that will certainly benefit website managers or anyone looking to convert PDFs into ePub or Mobi files.

I also had very positive results in my tests with Cometdocs. While I couldn’t test all of the file types (free accounts only get 5 conversions per week), I am able to say that all of my conversions went through quickly and without any errors at all. Refer to the attached images to see the conversion quality.


Another great aspect of Cometdocs is its freemium structure. On a free account, users can convert 5 files per week and if you use our special links, you will receive 5 extra weekly conversions. That’s great for any mild user who needs to convert a PDF occasionally. It’s a no risk option that gives you a great service for no cost. For more heavy duty users, Cometdocs offers a premium account for $9.99 a month, or $129.95 for a life-time account. Depending on your needs, most people will probably lean for the life-time option. I can’t really imagine anyone benefiting from paying for it every single month. Cometdocs should just ditch monthly fees altogether and offer just free accounts and the one-time premium purchase. With premium accounts, users get unlimited downloads, multiple downloads, more online storage, and a ton of other features. When you weigh in all those features, some users will be hard pressed not to upgrade.


Anyone looking for a PDF converter will want Cometdocs. It has a ton of options that many other popular PDF converters simply don’t offer. Combine that with its simple interface, quick turnaround time, and both free and premium options, and Cometdocs may just beat out the competition on all fronts.

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