Best Luggage Locks for Safe and Secure Travelling

Buying a good luggage lock and securing your stuff should be your top priority when travelling.

People usually travel for various reasons. Some of us like travelling as a hobby while some would take a trip for specific reasons i.e. business trips or vacation. Regardless of the purpose for which you are travelling, you need to make sure that you are safe. This includes your belongings as well.

It is always a bad feeling when you realise your item has bee stolen when you’ve already reached your destination. If the stolen item was something you were going to use on your trip, you will be forced to take some time again looking for an alternative.

Sometimes your stuff doesn’t even get stolen, but they just fall off as you move. This might be due to weak zippers in your bag or you just didn’t close your bag properly.

Well, if you have been a victim of either of these circumstances, all you need is a luggage lock.

Best Luggage Locks

This post highlights some of the best luggage locks you can use for safe and secure travelling. Below are a few of them.

Tarriss TSA Lock with SearchAlert

If you are looking for a great lock that will keep your luggage safe when traveling, this might be your answer. Tarriss TSA lock is a bit different from the others as it comes with a TSA lock alert option for the users.

The search alert red light indicates if the bag has been searched or lock has been opened.

The lock comes with a flexible and strong shackle and has a cable cord design that bends easily to go through the zippers. The padlock also features a clearly labelled 3-digit lock combination for more security.

This item also comes with a search indicator light which will let you know when your luggage has been opened by the TSA. The product comes in two locks made of a strong zinc alloy. They are available in either red, black and blue colours and they also have a lifetime warranty.

TravelMore TSA Approved Luggage Lock

This is a simple yet quite efficient travel luggage lock. First, the TravelMore TSA lock has a pocket-friendly price. This means you can always keep your valuable items safe by spending quite less.

It comes with a pop-up indicator that allows you to know when an agent has opened your bag. It has a solid construction as it is made using a tough alloy of zinc. This makes it highly durable and extra secure.

The small strong and weatherproof wire locks can be used on different items. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and therefore, guarantees 100% user satisfaction.

Master Lock

Master Lock is another great product for a budget-friendly price. It is quite affordable and easy to use as well. It has a sturdy design as it is made of a vinyl-covered cable and a metal lock for the body.

This means you’ll be able to use the lock for a longer period as it is also a weatherproof product. It comes with a three-digit combination option for extra security.

The lock is conveniently small and can perfectly be used on backpacks and suitcases. It is also TSA approved luggage lock and available in red, blue, silver and black colours.

TravelSentry Luggage Lock

If you are looking for the best way to secure several bags together, this is what you need. TravelSentry lock comes with a coated four-foot-long steel cable that you can use for locking multiple luggage bags.

You can also use it to tie your bag to a fixed support for extra security. It uses a smart travel lock technology to keep your items secure. The steel cable is quite flexible and strong enough to keep thieves out by making it difficult for them to cut it out.

Its three-dial combination allows you to keep your luggage safe when travelling.

TravelSentry is notorious for building great TSA locks especially for brands like lugguage brands like Samsonite, Delsey, Louis Vuitton, Go Travel, Alpha, Dunlop, and Travel Blue etc.

Talonport Keyless Luggage Locks

Just as the name suggests, Talonport Keyless lock doesn’t need any key to unlock it, instead, it uses a card system. With a simple quick sweep, you will be able to open it up.

This is a great solution to those who are always forgetting their dial combination. Also, the card-like key can be carried along with your other cards in your wallet for convenience.

Luggage Strap Lock

This is a bit different from the traditional luggage locks as it uses a strap rather than a steel cable.

After packing your suitcase, you just need to wrap the strap lock around your bag and tightly keep it locked using the plastic buckle.

It comes with a dial combination option to keep it locked and is available in few colours.


If you’ve ever been stolen from when travelling in the past, the feeling will always haunt you each time you are about to take a trip.

However, with the above mentioned luggage locks, you will always have the peace of mind as you travel knowing that your things are safe.

Some of these locks are also weatherproof. This means, regardless of where you are travelling to, the weather shouldn’t be much of your concern. Your luggage will always remain safe come sunshine or rain.

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