Best Fitness Trackers to Stay in a Healthy Routine

Includes Spire, Leaf, Fitbit


Are you attracted to the health functions of a smartwatch, but not the smartwatch itself? If so, then this post is for you. Fitness trackers are those cool looking bands that you can wear on your wrist and in return it does a couple of techie Voodoo(s) like counting your steps, calories, tracking your sleep patterns and if your device is high-end, then it will also monitor your heart-rate and come embedded with a GPS tracker. In other words, it will keep an eye on you like a hawk.

So fitness and health trackers are a great alternative to smartwatches and although there are many of them out there, we have decided to give our readers a round-up so you can pick a fitness tracker that fits your needs and adds a healthy routine to your life.

Here are some of the best fitness and health trackers from 2017 you should be looking into.

Spire Activity and Mindfulness Tracker

1 Spire Activity and Mindfulness Tracker

The Spire is more for those who engage in Yoga and meditation to ensure wellness than those who hit the jogging tracks, pool or treadmill. It measure breathing and provides feedback via its patented respiration sensor. Through its sensor and algorithms it detects, your breathe rate and patterns, state of mind (calm, focus and tension tracking) and sends you notifications on your smartphone. It also tracks steps and calories. It has a 7 day battery life and is charged wirelessly. This mindfulness tracker is small enough to clip on your waist or bra and is water resistant which is beneficial if it goes for an accidental spin your washer. The Spire is backed by 7 year of research from Stanford’s calming Technologies lab to understand your state of mind. Yoga journal calls the $129.95 Spire a ‘must have’.


Fitbit Charge 2

2 Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit keeps innovating with their wearable tech and have managed to corner the wearable market enough to make ‘Fitbit’ synonymous with activity / fitness trackers. Their Charge 2 series doesn’t disappoint and comes with a heart rate tracker. It tracks heart rate continuously on the wrist to maximise workouts, it auto detects exercises, reminds you when to move, tracks sleep and all day activities. On top of this, it gives guided breathing sessions, has connected GPS, silent alarms, call, text and calendar alerts. Interchangeable bands are a very big plus point with the Charge 2 as you can buy a few in different colours and switch them according to your outfit and switch to leather or metal bands if the silicone is not your style. The Charge 2 comes in two sizes; small and large, six colours including lavender rose gold which is a special edition. From $149.95


MOPS Sport Bluetooth Headset with Heart Rate Tracking

3 MOPS Sport Bluetooth Headset with Heart Rate Tracking

This activity tracker combines with earphones to deliver personalised training as you exercise and run. It includes a heart rate monitor and 8 GB of storage so you can load all your workout mixes and songs whenever you go for a run and wish to leave the phone behind. Bluetooth connectivity ensures wireless synchronisation with its app. It has a touch sensor on the right ear bud for heart rate and voice coaching/broadcast (that you can customise). The professional grade heart rate sensor precisely measures heart beats during exercise and allows you to adjust your exercise as needed. The earplugs are soft and designed in the ear shape to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. These sweat proof earphones come for $149.99


Fitbit Flex 2

4 Fitbit Flex 2

The flex 2 is like its name offers flexibility of wear and discretion. It is ultra thin, swim proof and active wear proof and is a great choice for anyone wanting to save money on their fitness band. The Flex 2 also tracks steps, active minutes, and calories burned, while also recognising selected workouts and sleep. Call & text alerts show up as LED lights in distinct colours and patterns. Another nifty feature of the flex 2 is how the fitness tracker separates and can be used as a pendant. Like the charge 2, it sends all the information to the Fitbit app and has a 5 day battery life. If you are a fitness band shopper on a budget, this is a great choice for you. Costs $59.95


Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker

5 Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker

This one is for the ladies. The Leaf is essentially smart jewellery with an activity, sleep and reproductive health tracker embedded within. It measures the usual activity such as steps, calories burned, distance, etc. It measures sleep quality as well and includes a wakeup alarm. Meditation, stress and reproductive health tracking is what it does best though. It has guided meditation and tracks how you are doing in each session along with time spent. This directly ties into stress and reproductive health informing you how your meditation is impacting your stress, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, sleep and activity. Under the reproductive health umbrella, it tracks periods, fertility, ovulation, pregnancy, and includes a pill reminder. It has its own dedicated app for Android and iOS phones. It also connects wirelessly with Apple Health and Google Fit to sync all your data. Accessories include, a stylish leather bracelet, necklace and a clip. Not only is it snappy and stylish, but it also has a ton of features. The Leaf health tracker comes in two editions, Leaf Urban and Leaf Nature in silver and rose gold colours. Costs $139.

As you can see, finding a fitness, health or mindfulness tracker that fits within your needs and budget is pretty simple. There is almost certainly a device out there that is perfect for you. What did you think of our list? Are there any fitness trackers that you would recommend? Let us know in the comments!

For those who wish to buy them but can’t due to geological restrictions of shipping policies, then please see our post on getting a reliable parcel forwarding address.

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best fitness tracker
best fitness tracker

FitBit is without a doubt one of the most popular fitness band makers out there, so naturally they are going to show up at some point on this list. The Charge HR is probably their most stylish tracker, and its certainly one of the most functional. The Charge HR continuously… Read more »

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