Best Fitness Trackers to Stay in a Healthy Routine


Are you attracted to the health functions of a smartwatch, but not the smartwatch itself?

If so, then this post is for you. Fitness trackers or Fitness bands are those cool looking bands that you can wear on your wrist and in return it does a couple of techie Voodoo(s) like counting your steps, tracking your sleep modes and if your device is high-end, then it will also monitor your heart-rate and come embedded with a GPS tracker. In other words, it will keep an eye on you like a hawk.

So fitness trackers are a great alternative to smartwatches and although there are many of them out there, we have decided to give our readers a round-up so you can pick a fitness tracker that fits your needs and adds a healthy routine to your life.

Here are some of the best fitness trackers you should consider.

Samsung Gear Fit – $105fitness bands

This one should come as no surprise. As the pioneers of the smartwatch movement, it should be obvious that Samsung Gear Fit is on the list of fitness trackers. It is one of the best looking aesthetically with its vibrant Super AMOLED screen. It sets the standard for all other fitness bands with its diverse activity features, including a coaching program to help motivate you. Plus its water and dust resistant (but not shock proof). It’s sensible for anyone who owns a Samsung device.

FitBit Charge HR – $149.95fitbit charge hr

FitBit is without a doubt one of the most popular fitness band makers out there, so naturally they are going to show up at some point on this list. The Charge HR is probably their most stylish tracker, and its certainly one of the most functional. The Charge HR continuously monitors your heartbeat, offers data on how well you sleep, and is compatible with most popular handsets as well.

Microsoft Band 2 – $165

microsoft bandSome may be surprised by this, but the Microsoft Band is actually pretty impressive. Not only is it modern looking and effective, but it is also compatible with WindowsPhone, Android and iOS. You can also get email, call, and text alerts right on the band. It comes with an embedded GPS, heart rate monitor and UV sensor; which work together to give you actionable information and statistics such as calorie tracking, sleep quality and guided health workouts via Microsoft Health. For those looking for a blend between fitness tracker and smartwatch, the Microsoft Band is a solid choice. Buy it from Amazon or Microsoft store.

Razer Nabu X – $49.99

NabuX-black-02The Razer Nabu X is a great choice for anyone wanting to save money on their fitness band. The Razer Nabu X is unique because it doesn’t have a screen like the Gear Fit. Rather it collects all of your fitness information and compiles it on the companion app. And unlike other fitness bands (some would call the Gear Fit gaudy), it comes in a basic all black package. If you are a fitness band shopper on a budget, this is a great choice for you.

Xiaomi Mi Band – $19.99mi-band

Xiaomi has always been known for making great products at low prices, and things haven’t changed with their fitness tracker either. Not only is it snappy and stylish, but it also has a ton of features. It’s more than just a fitness tracker in fact; it will notify you of incoming calls and even operate as a security device when needed. When the wearer has the Mi Band on, it can unlock your phone just by touching it. Other users will need a password. Pretty cool, eh? And, it runs for 30 days… instantly worth the low price right?

As you can see, finding a fitness tracker that fits within your needs and budget is pretty simple. There is almost certainly a device out there that is perfect for you. What did you think of our list? Are there any fitness trackers that you would recommend? Let us know in the comments!

For those who wish to buy them but can’t due to geological restrictions of shipping policies, then please see our post on getting a reliable parcel forwarding address.

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