Best DNS Services That Deliver Non Stop [Updated]

We have covered some good VPN services on TechVise and while they’re terrific for everything, they can be an overkill if you only need to bypass geo restrictions. Here is a list of best DNS services so everyone can stream TV Shows, Movies, Sports and Documentaries etc. from channels all over the globe. So what else can you do with a DNS service?

What Can You Do With a DNS Service?

Depending on how good your DNS service provider is, you can do a number of things, such as:

  1. Stream Live Sports (may require an additional subscription fee from the channel provider)
  2. Stream Movies, TV Shows and Documentaries from the likes of Disney+, DCTV, CBS All Access, Amazon Prime video Hulu Plus, ShowTime, BBC iPlayer etc.
  3. Stream Live TV from public tv channels or Public Broadcasting Services. E.g. ABC, CBS, CW, NBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc. This also includes channels available online in any country.
  4. Configure devices such as Apple TV, Fire TV, Mobile phones, Tablets, Computers, BluRay players, Smart TVs and Game Consoles to work under different regions that are generally not available to you.

How DNS Services Work

A DNS masks your current geolocation and propagates another that is acceptable for channels and services. For instance, to access free TV on ABC, you need to be in the US. When using a DNS service, you can access the ABC website and watch content easily. If you were to visit the same website without the use of a DNS service, you would not be able to play videos and instead get a notification stating that the content is not available for your region.

Also, DNS Services only work with location based services, so if your country or ISP specifically blocks websites such as Netflix, Hulu etc, then you need to pick a suitable VPN Service.

DNS services also do not offer any security or encryption, hence for that too you would need a good VPN service. In short, DNS does not affect your normal browsing at all.

Best DNS Services

Now without a further ado, here is a list of DNS services that work impressively.


unlocator smart dns service for streaming tv shows

Based out of Denmark, Unlocator offers a 7 day free trial which like others mentioned here, doesn’t require any information of Credit Card. They provide access to more than 200 of the most well-known channels from around the globe and they keep adding more to this list.

Unlocator also offers Smart VPN which bypasses the DNS and enables streaming from mobile connections. This means that 3G connections and even slower ones can easily stream video content and other restricted websites like YouTube. They have a 24/7 support system and also claim to have a 99.9% uptime.

They have 3rd party apps for OS X, Android and iOS devices but in all honesty they support all devices and apps are not necessary if a router is configured.

Now for some serious talk; Unlocator has 3 packages starting from $4.95/Month to $27.50/6 Months and a yearly package of $49.95. Unlocator offers a 14-day money-back guarantee and support payments via MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, Dankot, Bitcoin and Sofort.

Use the code SPRING to get a 50% discount on Unlocator


getflix dns service

Getflix is operated out of Australia. They give a generous 14 day free trial that doesn’t need any payment info but once the trial period is up you are asked to continue with a proper paid package. Their monthly plan is at $4.95, savings apply when you signup for more than a month, which is very cost-effective.

This DNS service has a very good comparison list that explains which devices can stream which channels and of course this way you also get to see which channels they are offering. They accept all major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB. They have a dedicated app for Android and iOS devices as well.

Smart DNS Proxy

smart dns proxy

Smart DNS Proxy is another promising DNS service that also couples with a VPN to deliver fast streaming.

Their services are broken into 3 portions; Smart DNS, SmartVPN and VPN. SmartVPN combines both their DNS service with their VPN. Thus ensuring that even if you are connected via VPN to a country, you are able to stream content from another. At signup you get all 3!

They support over 400+ services and among VPN services this is a cheaper option. The VPN secures internet traffic via L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN. You get unlimited device access on DNS services, however the VPN only supports upto 5 connected devices.

You can signup for their service via a 14 day free trial. The accept both credit cards and PayPal for payments. Their monthly plan is $4.90, 3 month plan is for $12.90 and their 12 month plan is for 39.90. They also have a lifetime plan for $150 and a 24 month plan for $49.90.

Playmo TV

playmo tv streaming made easy

PlayMoTV offers a 7 day free trial through which you can stream the channels you want to see. After that its $4.99/Month.

If you love their service then it is better to go with their 3 month ($13.99), 6 month ($25.99) or 12 month plan ($49.95). PlaymoTV has a decent list of channels & websites they cover. This DNS service offers apps for Android and iOS devices. They also have a dedicated setup page and very cool linkers for Windows and Mac computer. Linkers are by the way PlayMoTV’s application that does two things seamlessly; it links and unlinks your PC from PlayMoTV’s gateway with one click and it updates your IP automatically, useful?

You can pay for their service via VISA, PayPal, Bitcoin, AmEx, MasterCard and Discover.

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  1. Overplay might also be worth checking out in case of issues with other services – their Smart DNS comes at 4.95$ per month. I was also considering PureVPN due to their good reviews, but have yet to test it out as they didn’t allow payment with my anonymous credit card, but will try once I got a US gift card instead

  2. I have used Hola in past and HMA for 2 month. But now using Purevpn from 8 months and its the best i have tried so far. No Disconnection issue, plus their support team is very helpful

  3. Hey Zahra,

    Just let you know i use it is same as TVunblok except sometimes have UK netflix or other region aswell as american netflix. thanks have goodday

  4. Hello Zahra, how safe it is to use Tvunblock? I mean, it’s a free service, what’s the trick? How come they are free? What’s the trade off? Thank you. Great article.

    • There is no trick… but there is no app, their IP has to be updated constantly… its a bit of a pain to tell you the truth. I tried them all… and now im just tired of Netflix in general – so now i don’t use any of these services 🙂 But… pick a service that offers the MOST convenience… and yes, its safe.

  5. I have been using overplay for over a year. Highly recommended. Very good support. Only complaint is the price (no discounts). But nonetheless excellent. In your article you should also state whther the subscription is locked down to one IP address or not.

  6. Thanks for the article. I can say Getflix is far better from other when comparing with performance/price ratio. They just published their iOS and Android Apps as well.

  7. That’s a good article. I personally prefer UnoTelly. It’s similar to unblock-us (or other DNS service) but they offer a DNS server close to physical location and I can achieve better performance.

      • Thanking you for mentioning MediaHint. As a result of the Hola debacle we are offering a free month of service to all new customer. Would you mind mentioning it the list of deals for the month.

    • it has become impossible to pay Unotelly. They now use paymentwall or bitcoin only. Both of which I will not use.
      Also, Netflix USA is not available to me anymore, here in Costa Rica.

      • Please shift away from Unotelly – We used to feature them on this list, but few things simultaneously happened on their end and their support went offline along with Netflix opening for the world… anyway, choose another service from below. May I suggest ExpressVPN, you’ll get Netflix USA 🙂


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