Best DNS Services That Deliver Non Stop [Updated]


This list being constantly evaluated and updated. While we make every effort to reflect the latest information, we are not perfect. Please ensure that you try them before purchasing any service. Also drop us a comment if you find a non working provider. Last updated: March ’16

We have covered some good VPN services on TechVise and while they’re terrific for everything, they can be an overkill if you only need to bypass geo restrictions. Here is a list of working  DNS services so everyone can stream TV Shows, Movies, Sports and Documentaries etc. from channels all over the globe. So what else can you do with a DNS service?

Depending on how good your DNS service provider is, you can do a number of things, such as:

  1. Stream Live Sports (may require an additional subscription fee from the channel provider)
  2. Stream Movies, TV Shows and Documentaries from the likes of Amazon Instant, Hulu Plus,BBC iPlayer etc.
  3. Stream Live TV from public tv channels or Public Broadcasting Services. E.g. ABC, CBS, CW, NBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc. This also includes channels available online in any country.
  4. Configure devices such as Apple TV, Mobile phones, Tablets, Computers, BluRay players, Smart TVs and Game Consoles to work under different regions that are generally not available to you.
  5. In most cases listed above, you will be breaking the law by using the service. Hence, proceed at your own peril.  


A DNS masks your current geolocation and propagates another that is acceptable for channels and services. For instance, to access free TV on ABC, you need to be in the US. When using a DNS service, you can access the ABC website and watch content easily. If you were to visit the same website without the use of a DNS service, you would not be able to play videos and instead get a notification stating that the content is not available for your region.

Also, DNS Services only work with location based services, so if your country or ISP specifically blocks websites such as Netflix, Hulu etc, then you need to pick a suitable VPN Service. DNS services also do not offer any security or encryption, hence for that too you would need a good VPN service. In short, DNS does not affect your normal browsing at all.

Now without a further ado, here is a list of DNS services that work impressively.


GetFlixGetflix DNS Service

Getflix is operated out of Australia. They give a generous 14 day free trial that doesn’t need any payment info but once the trial period is up you are asked to continue with a proper paid package. Their monthly plan is at $4.95, savings apply when you signup for more than a month, which is very cost-effective. This DNS service has a very good comparison list that explains which devices can stream which channels and of course this way you also get to see which channels they are offering. They accept all major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB. They have a dedicated app for Android and iOS devices as well.


TrickByteTrickByte DNS Service

TrickByte is incorporated in Thailand and unlike few services mentioned here, offer an impressive 14 day trial period for its DNS services. They too lift the geological restrictions and enable users like yourself to watch Netflix, HULU and BBC iPlayer etc. Unlike GetFlix above, they have a Netflix switcher. Their service is also easy to setup and can work on Mac, PC, Androids, iOS, gaming consoles, routers and media boxes. TrickByte have a monthly package of $4.95/mo which is comparable with other DNS services on this list. They also have a 12 month plan for $39.96 (or $3.33/mo) and a 24 month plan for $49.92 (that’s $2.08/mo). They accept all major credit cards and PayPal.


unlocator DNS ServiceUnlocator

Based out of Denmark, Unlocator offers a 7 day free trial which like others mentioned here, doesn’t require any information of Credit Card. They provide access to more than 200 of the most well-known channels from around the globe and they keep adding more to this list. Unlocator also offers Smart VPN which bypasses the DNS and enables streaming from mobile connections. This means that 3G connections and even slower ones can easily stream video content and other restricted websites like YouTube. They have a 24/7 support system and also claim to have a 99.9% uptime. Unlocator also boast that there service can be used on as many devices as you want but they all need to be connected to the same internet connection, in other words, I can personally use their service on all of my 6 devices. They also have 3rd party apps for OS X, Android and iOS devices but in all honesty they support all devices and apps are not really necessary if router is configured. Now for some serious talk; Unlocator has 3 packages starting from $4.95/Month to $27.50/6 Months and a yearly package of $49.95. Unlocator offers a 14-day money-back guarantee and support payments via MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, Dankot, Bitcoin and Sofort.


PlayMoTVPlaymotv dns service

PlayMoTV offers a 7 day free trial through which you can stream the channels you want to see but after that its $4.99/Month. If you love their service then it is better to go with their 3 month ($13.99), 6 month ($25.99) or 12 month plan ($49.95). They have a decent list of channels & websites they cover. This DNS service offers apps for Android and iOS devices and they also have a dedicated setup page and very cool linkers for Windows and Mac computer. Linkers are by the way PlayMoTV’s application that does two things seamlessly; it links and unlinks your PC from PlayMoTV’s gateway with one click and it updates your IP automatically, useful? You can pay for their service via VISA, PayPal, Bitcoin, AmEx, MasterCard and Discover.


BlocklessBlockless DNS service

Blockless started off as a DNS only services however they are now a VPN client with a SmartDNS service for streaming websites. They have a no contract basic plan for free. With the basic plan you get one region, one connected device and basic adblocker. If you want to get support for streaming websites, you need to upgrade to their premium plan for $7.50 / mo. Among VPN services this is a cheaper option. The premium plan supports all 10 regions, streaming websites, ultrafast speeds, advanced adblocker and upto 5 connected devices. Since Blockless doesn’t believe in contracts, you can cancel their premium service anytime, which by the way works on all devices. Do note that they accepts credit cards and PayPal for payments. Their monthly plan is $9.95, 6 month plan is for $53.70 ($8.95) and their 12 month plan is for 89.95 ($7.5).


SmartyDNS DNS ServiceSmartyDNS

SmartyDNS is another service that offers VPN as part of SmartDNS services. All you need to do is install their software, enter your key and enable DNS. The service is simply a click away. By turning it on, it starts unblocking websites and when you are finished, you can turn it off. SmartyDNS mainly aims to unblock websites that don’t show their content outside of US, UK, Germany and Poland. So far they have 203 channels that you can connect to all of your devices like PC, Mac, tablets and others at the same time. The only condition of course is to have all devices connected to the same network. SmartyDNS offer 3 days of free trial and after that you can pick any of these 4 packages; $4.95/Month, $13.45/3 Months, $23.95/6 Months and $39.95/Year. They also have a 30 day money back guarantee provided you are not able to access any site from the list of unblocked websites in the first 30 days so make sure you check out that link of unblock websites. In case, you want more packages;get 50 percent off for your second package. All you have to do is open a ticket for a discount.You can pay for their service via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.


DNS Services


A very inexpensive DNS service; MediaHint caters to a lot of channel viewing. There service is available on almost all devices and browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Mac, iOS, Windows, tablets, Android devices, smart TVs, gaming consoles, routers and more. You are of course allowed to use one subscription of MediaHint extension on multiple computers/all devices in your home. If you are happy with their service then you can choose to pay monthly or yearly. You get unlimited access for $3.95/Month or if you subscribe for a year then you get 12 months for a price of 10 and you save $7.90 off the total $39.50/Year. To access the pricing plan, you have to open an account.They accept all major credit cards and Paypal to subscribe.

Ad-Free Time

Ad-Free Time

Ad-Free Time seems promising. With Ad Free you only need 1 subscription unless all your computers and devices are on different internet connections. Now here is the real kicker. This service comes at a Monthly cost of… *drum roll* $1.99 only. They support Windows 7 and 8, Mac, iOS, Ubuntu, Androids, media players, game consoles, routers and Smart TV as well. Ad-Free Time also offer mobiDNS which is a hybrid of DNS and VPN with the benefit of no loss of speed and costs $0.99 extra. They accept PayPal, Credit Cards via Stripe and Bitcoins. I would advise you to read their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before signing up.

So? Do you use a similar DNS service with outstanding results? Let us know in the comments below and we will mention it here after checking it out ourselves.

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Overplay might also be worth checking out in case of issues with other services – their Smart DNS comes at 4.95$ per month. I was also considering PureVPN due to their good reviews, but have yet to test it out as they didn’t allow payment with my anonymous credit card,… Read more »

Frank Caffrey
Frank Caffrey

I have used Hola in past and HMA for 2 month. But now using Purevpn from 8 months and its the best i have tried so far. No Disconnection issue, plus their support team is very helpful