4 Best Cloud Services For Sharing Files


Have you been looking for a place to store and share files? We are not talking about the 1TB of external Hard Disk that you have but a cloud space that enables easy sharing. Such a virtual space needs to be easy-to-access, secure and relatively fast. Which is why we’re here to introduce the 4 best cloud services for sharing files out there.

The sharing game has changed, ever since the status-quo shattering shutdown of Megaupload in 2012, combined with the recent splurge of government sponsored digital spying; privacy and security are the top two must haves in any cloud service worth its salt.

Which is why one of our top picks will be centered exclusively around security. Other than that, we’re breaking up our list into the following sections:

  • Best For Personal Use
  • Best For Business Use
  • Most Secure
  • Most Personal Space

These four relatively broad categories should cover everyone’s interests and needs, and remember, there’s always more information a tiny Google search away.

Best For Personal Use: Dropbox

Okay, anyone who knows anything about cloud sharing and storage, saw this one coming a mile away. But hey, let’s face facts, Dropbox is one of the easiest, most popular and probably one of the best designed cloud services out there. And everyone has a Dropbox account, well, mostly everyone. It’s fast, very fast actually, depending on the file being stored. Of course, the two biggest problems with Dropbox is the lack of space (only 2GB off the bat comes free) and a pretty lackluster security infrastructure supporting the service.

So, while it’s great for sending a PDF or holiday album, it’s really not ideal for a business, storage hoarder or privacy nut.

Best For Business Use: Box

Well, drop the “drop” out of Dropbox and you’re left with… Box. Corny joke aside, the two don’t have much in common other than mutual dislike for each others success. Box is a company which wishes to make corporate file share as safe and secure as possible for companies and small to medium sized business, alike.

Box’s clientele list boasts names such as P&G, Rosetta Stone, Pandora and O2, among many more.

In short, Box is the Dropbox of corporate file-sharing. It’s safer, more customisable and also features specific sharing features for large scale operation which need collaboration in order to functional properly.

Most Secure: Tresorit

Tresorit have a standing offer of $50,000 to anyone who can break into their system. Nobody till date has ever managed to claim the money. Tresorit are all about security, and they’ve even gone out of their way to provide a smooth, almost Dropbox-like experience for users. And also unlike their more famous counterpart, Tresorit offers 5 GB of free data, sans all the major security features and also offers pretty cheap upgrades to more data.

The company’s business suite is aimed at absolute secrecy and creating an impenetrable system where both the company itself and outsiders cannot glean at what’s being stored. Until someone finally manages to grasp claim of that $50,000, no one’s dethroning Tresorit any day soon.

Most Personal Space: Mega

Now, there are Chinese cloud providers out there that provide 1TB of storage, some even more, but good luck getting those to run with even a remote semblance of either speed and efficiency. Also, the Chinese government are more into snooping than a dog chasing foxes.

Mega on the other hand, offers top-notch security and 50GB of free space. Upload as you please and share similarly as well. A rebirth of sorts for Kimdotcom, Mega is his second attempt at reviving the Megaupload franchise—under a slightly different name.


So, here stand before you the 4 best cloud sharing services catering to the most common needs in today’s cloud-centric world. Of course, since all of them offer free accounts, having more than one never hurt anyone. Feel free to try them out, and let us know how the experience went.


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 – Mohseen Lala is a tech-head with an interest in seeing where the future of technology lies. He writes a lot of things that never go anywhere… because life is weird like that. You can follow his writings via Twitter @Mohseenlal

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You should also try MyAirBridge.com. With this service you can send up to 20 GB for free and without any registration. They have also pretty cheap plans if you want to have also online storage.


Thank you for the recommendation, we’ll definitely look into it.

Tonya Rose
Tonya Rose

Great article! i personally use Dropbox and yes it has limited free space, but I found a solution . I use this: http://www.winzip.com/win/en/features/file-sharing.html to compress my files so I could save on space and it works great


Files stored on external servers are not secure. Binfer is a cloudless way transfer data. The link is http://www.binfer.com.