Great Classroom Management Tools That Make Teaching Fun

Whether you are a new educator or a seasoned one, managing a classroom can be hard. That is especially true if you are managing multiple classrooms or looking to manage one efficiently. Luckily, teachers aren’t confined to the resources in their classroom, at least not anymore. Nowadays, there are tons of online videos and classroom management tools designed to make teachers’ jobs easier as well as provide value to their students. However, no one wants to pay a heavy cost for these services. The good news is you don’t have to thanks to these 5 (mostly) free class management tools.


Engrade is a great service for teachers looking for both free and premium class management tools. Engrade was primarily designed as an online gradebook, but it has gradually evolved into one of the most comprehensive class management tools around. Now Engrade is a premier tool for communication between teachers, district heads, parents, and students. The free version of Engrade gets users a gradebook, seating chart, and attendance tracker as well as other features that focus on the classroom. The premium version goes much farther and offers features like integrated curriculum and custom assessments.


Schoology is also one of the top classroom management tools. The basic package for Schoology is free, and includes instructional tools that allow you to create courses in a simple and intuitive way, a calendar, online gradebook & attendance. There is also a native essay grader that is easy to use and workspaces for group collaboration. One of the best things about Schoology, though, is that it takes the classroom to the smartphone. Schoology allows both teachers and students alike to access their classroom, allowing them to learn, teach, grade, and communicate in a modern way. For a free basic package, it sure offers a lot that any teacher will benefit from.


TeacherKit is another great free classroom management solution. This one is exclusively available as an app though on all major platforms; namely Windows, Android, and iOS. TeacherKit doesn’t have quite the comprehensive features of Schoology, but it does offer pretty much everything you need to manage a classroom. You can track attendance, record grades, and create a seating arrangement. You can also add behavioral notes to track the mannerisms of your students. It is a great resource for teachers looking to manage their classrooms from a mobile device. It’s also free.

Socrative by MasteryConnect

Socrative (now MasteryConnect) is another great and comprehensive service, and it is one of the best class management tools around. You can create custom and beautiful visual presentations for your class as well as design custom assessments for your class. The great thing about Socrative though is its communication features. Their patent pending MasteryTracker allows teachers to assess core standards, monitor student performance and prepare reports for parents. Educators can communicate with students through open ended forums, and it is a great environment to clarify issues or have group discussion. Socrative also has a host of Teacher & Student mobile apps available on iOS, Android, Windows and as a Chrome extension. It also has beautifully simple interface that is easy to navigate. Plus you can get started for free.

MasteryConnect extends Socrative a bit further and provides a host of other features such as student & parent reports, curriculum maps and export functions. You can take a look at their pricing table to get an idea.


This is my personal favorite, despite the fact that it is the only service on this list that requires a yearly cost for use. For just $40 a year, educators get access to loads of content in every possible topic for grades K-12. You get access to workbooks, graphs, lesson plans, and so much more and it is all relevant and ideal for the age group. This is a huge step for anyone struggling to fill their curriculum, particularly for young educators who are still learning. It is also a great service for parents who teach their children from home because it gives them access to so much content. $40 a year is hardly a fee for such a great service.

If you’re looking for great tips on efficient classroom management, Education World has tons of information available. What are your favourite tools?

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