10 Uses For NFC Tags Straight Out Of The Future

I don’t know about you, but I have always been fascinated with NFC tags and its awesomely futuristic uses. So we are going to take a ride down the lane of some of the cool things that these tiny round discs of technology can do.

What Is An NFC tag & How Does It Work

NFC, Near Field Communication, tags are small integrated circuits designed to store information that can be retrieved by NFC-enabled devices like the smartphones and tablets. They are small stickers, in round or square shape and are about the size of a large coin. These small stickers of wireless technology also allow data transfer between two NFC enabled devices.

NFC tags can have different memory capacities;  you can store a telephone number or a URL (web address) and to add protection, NFC tags can be locked so that once data has been written, it cannot be altered. However they can be re-encoded several numerous time until they are locked and once locked, NFC tags cannot be unlocked.

To use an NFC tags, you either need to tap the sticker with your NFC enabled device or you need to bring your device close enough (maybe an inch apart) to get the device to do your programmed bidding.

Cool Uses of NFC Tags

NFC tags have become a lot more popular, because of their usefulness but, how can the technology really be applied to our daily lives? Did you know that they can be used to track your car keys (or even your cellphones), make card payments at stores, and remind to make certain important calls? But in reality that is not all. The truth is, NFC tags can be used for all kinds of things, and some of these uses are pretty mind blowing. In fact, TechVise has compiled a list of 10 NFC tag uses that are straight out of the future.

Lets take a look at some of the fancy uses of NFC Tags


1. Smart Business Cardsnfc tag

To me, this one is just crazy. If you don’t carry business cards (or are like me and forget them everywhere) you can instead use an NFC tag to share all of your business information such as your contact info, company website, so on and so forth. In fact, the service MOO will help you do all of this. Instead of carrying tons of business cards, you just carry one manufactured by MOO, and this card can share your business information with anyone you want. It’s the future of business, and the future is now.


2. An Alarm Clock That Actually Works

You can also set NFC tags to wake you up in the morning. Simply stick your tag in your bathroom (or wherever your first stop is in the morning), and your alarm will only be disabled when it connects with the tag. This will force you to wake up in the morning. It may seem horrific, but it is a great (and futuristic!) necessary evil. For this you will need the Alarm clock to have NFC technology unless you use your smartphone’s alarm feature.


3. Turn On Your Phone’s Hotspot

This one is easy and awesome. I personally use my phone’s hotspot a lot, as I seem to constantly be traveling these days. With an NFC tag, users could simply stick one to their tablet or laptop, and when you are on-the-go, simply tap your phone to the tag and it will automatically fire up the phone’s hotspot capability. Talk about easy.


4. Smart Directions

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could step into your car and your phone would automatically load up Google Maps? Well, guess what? NFC tags can do that. Simply stick an NFC tag in your car and encode it to load your Google Maps. Once you are in the car, tap and have the Maps load in seconds… well, if the internet connection is bad, it could be minutes.


5. Organize Your Notes/Life

Evernote is a great thing. No one is denying that. But, wouldn’t it be nice if you could organize your notes a little better or have faster access to specific ones? Well, with a little app called Tapmynote, you can! You can link a specific Evernote to the tag, and when your phone connects with said tag it will automatically launch that shopping to-do list. Great for to-do lists!


6. Share Your WiFi With Friends

Tired of remembering your WiFi password? Are you even more tired of people asking for it? Yeah, so is everyone else. That’s why you can store your Wi-Fi password on your NFC tag, and simply connecting an NFC-capable device to it will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi. That alone should be every reason you need to buy NFC tags.


7. Advertise Your Business

Place an NFC tag on any flyer or poster promoting your business, and when people scan it they can get a Google Maps layout of your locations, and even directions. This will save your potential customers time and effort, which is really the biggest reason people don’t try new places. Once again, it’s the future of business. Of course, you need to buy a lot of NFC tags for this.


8. Turn On Your PC

A Reddit user has developed a stellar way to set up NFC tags to turn on your PC. The user talks about certain apps that you will need to get your laptop or PC to start up. I don’t know about you, but I’m lazy. So, this is the first thing I am going to do with my NFC tags.


9. Turn Your Lights On/Off

This one is a bit trickier to pull off and only techy people can understand all the mumbo-jumbo but it is still pretty awesome. Wouldn’t it be nice just to turn on your lights with a simple wave of your phone? You will need Philips Hue which is kind of an expensive thing. But here is how one can achieve it.


10. Unlock Your Door

Yes its entirely possible to unlock your front door or well, any door for that matter but for that you need a smartlock. Lockitron is one of the smartlocks that can be unlocked if you have an NFC-enabled Android device with you. You simply attach the included NFC sticker to your door and use it to send a toggle command to Lockitron.


NFC tags can be used for virtually anything. The technology is still relatively young and hasn’t been integrated into everything. But, as its popularity expands, the list of things you can do with NFC tags will expand as well. What do you think of our list? Do you have any uses for NFC tags? Let us know in the comments!

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