Usefulness of Canva – An Online Design Tool

Canva – an online design tool, makes life easy. There is no denying in the usefulness of Canva or how you can let your images look creative.

In fact, a great way to achieve excellence is to be creative, whether you are at work or at school, it’s an amazing feeling to see your graphic presentation come alive with a little tweaking. And, with Canva, all this is possible.

Usefulness of Canva

Canva being an online design tool is easy to use and offers a plethora of images, texts, layouts and design templates that help students, small businesses, artists and everyone and anyone, to make the most amazing pictures or presentations or assignments. With the wide variety of features it has, you will be hard-pressed to find a better, or even an equal design tool for free.

Get Trained

Not a graphic designer? No problem at all because you will have many ways to utilise your own design concepts with Canva. The intuitive interface of this online design tool will let you get trained in creating images, backgrounds, fonts, layouts and amazing designs. The free video tutorials are essential not only for creating impressive graphic designs but also to give your designs a professional look that you’re looking for.

An Effective Branding Tool for Startups

Thinking about starting your own business? Canva has layouts for everything! Logos, taglines, leaderboards, cover images, social media headers, newsletter banners, sidebar ads, social media posts, articles and much more!

With Canva on your side, you won’t go broke. Although 40% of everything is free and you can do A LOT with that, there are images, layouts, designs and a feature that requires you to pay a monthly fee (more on this later). Startups however want to kick off with no or low payments, so Canva is the way to go if you are on a low budget and need to give your startup idea the right branding.

Downloading Designs

Canva doesn’t shy from letting you download your designs. In fact, it gives you options to download in JPEG, PNG and PDF. It even offers to let you pick which design page you want to download if you have more than two, lets say. And, if this was not enough, this online design tool allows downloading of transparent designs as well – so useful when it comes to creating logos and icons.

Yes, Canva has a paid plan as well which allows you to resize images, save your branding styles, upload your own fonts and create transparent backgrounds. As for the price, $12.95/Month or $120/Year with 30-day money back guarantee.

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Free Features

Aside from the use of posts and social media graphics, Canva has design layouts for documents such as resumes, letterheads, A4 papers, magazines and certificates. There is something for authors and bloggers too; articles images, info-graphics, eBook covers, Kindle covers, wattpad, album covers and more. In marketing niche, this online design tool has layouts for flyers, posters, menus, business cards, brochures, labels, and logos.

Canva also covers design layouts for events. You can basically find templates for postcards, wedding invitations, simple invitations, simple cards, announcements, event programs, photo collages and tags.

Apart from these there are design layouts for ads and all sorts of social media profiles & pages.

We Love Canva

It should be quite obvious by now that we at TechVise, love Canva.

It has all the amazing and essential features that we need for our articles, ads, branding and marketing concepts. Canva will certainly be a big help in your graphic design concepts too. Simply signup, pick the layout you want (or create a custom dimension) and start your draging-and-droping images, texts, backgrounds, grids and much more.

Canva has proven to us time and again that we don’t need a better suited software because everything we want, is everything they have.

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