Best Online Medical Insurance Service in the World

No one plans to get sick, everyone at certain times in their life and occasionally will need some medical treatment. When medical care is available, the person will be able to concentrate on getting better instead of being worried if he or she has the resources to pay the bills.

Medical or health insurance is the type of insurance service that covers the cost of medical and surgical expenses of an insured individual. It includes insurance for losses from accident, disability, dismemberment, accidental death or dismemberment.

It works in different ways, depending on the type of health insurance coverage, either the ‘insured’ makes payment directly to the provider, or the insured pays costs out of their pocket and is later reimbursed.

In some countries like Canada and UK, a medical/health insurance service is seen as every citizen’s right and is provided by the state while in other countries like the USA, it is seen as the individual’s responsibility to be insured, with the exception of disabled and older adults.

Benefits of a Medical Insurance Service

“For Life is only life when blessed with good health.”

We cannot live a happy life without being healthy, and this is why it is ideal for every individual to get medical insurance to be given the basic health care solution during times of unforeseen emergencies. Most people believe that health insurance pays only for hospitalized expenses, but it pays for more, below are some of the benefits of being covered by an online medical insurance service:

  • Expenses Related to Organ Donor: The cost of some organ transplant can be expensive and may vary, with a health insurance service, you will not have to worry about medical expenses for surgery. Most of the medical insurance companies cover organ transplant surgery as part of their plans while some reimburse the entire cost and others offer it as an add-on benefit.
  • Convalescence/Recovery Benefit: They cover additional cost during hospitalization such as loss of income. In some plans, additional costs like a compassionate visit by family members are included.
  • Outpatient Service: With a medical insurance service, you are covered for the expenses on drugs without being admitted to the hospital but while under medical supervision. However, some insurers have a limited amount of days which the benefit is available for.
  • Attendant Allowance: Insurance companies give attendant allowance to adults that accompany the insured to the hospital. In most cases, the number of days that an insurer pays for is fixed.
  • Free Health Checkup: Another benefit of a medical insurance service is that they offer free periodic health checkups to the insured after every 4 to 5 claim-free years.
  • Weight Loss Surgeries: For obese patients battling with medical conditions related to weight, bariatric surgeries are life-saving procedures. Many insurance companies cover such surgeries.

Other benefits include:

  • Guaranteed Renew-ability
  • Maternity benefits and complications during pregnancy
  • Travel assistance

What Makes an excellent online Medical Insurance Service?

Choosing a health service plan can be a confusing process for individuals or business leaders. They may have to look at varieties of plans and coverage options which can make selection difficult. Here are some factors to consider that will help illuminate on the right medical health service for you and your business.

  • Decide on the best plan that meets your needs: There are three types of health insurance plans: Health Maintenance Organizations(HMO), preferred provider organizations(PPO) and point-of-service plans(POS).An HMO requires that you receive medical attention within a particular network, giving you more affordable cost but less flexibility. A PPO gives you the option of going out of network or stay in-network for a bigger fee but with more flexibility.POS plans combine both HMO and PPO plans. They require you to choose a physician within the network and get a referral for him or her before seeing other physicians outside the network.
  • Size of the Cost: Calculate and compare the cost of the total plans before going for it.
  • Freebies: Do NOT be enticed by those new freebies. New plans may require you to pay nothing for some preventive measures, but many plans may have already been offering preventive care at minimal or low cost.
  • Opening an Account: Consider opening an account to save on premiums to help pay for prescriptions, contact lenses, and other medical expenses.
  • Prescription Coverage: Your plan may drop or add certain drugs that were covered in the previous year so be sure that the pills you take on a regular basis are still covered that year.
  • Wellness Incentives: Take advantage of wellness incentives as some companies may offer incentives to complete a lifestyle questionnaire on things like smoking habits or regular exercises.
  • Plan for the worst: It is advisable as an employee to consider a plan with a lower premium.

Best Online Medical Insurance Service in the World

AIA Group Limited

AIA Group Limited has its headquarter at Hong Kong. It is the largest publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance, group. It covers writing life insurance for individuals and businesses, accident and health insurance, retirement planning as well as wealth management services. This group offers an extensive range of health plans ranging from medical hospitalization and long-term care to critical illness. The company also has plans to compensate for the loss of income. To get an estimate of how much it would cost, you can use their online calculator.

AXA Mansard

AXA is one of the biggest and most well-known health insurance in the UK. The company offers a comprehensive range of private medical insurance plans for families, businesses, and individuals. AXA PPP healthcare caters to the international market.


Aviva a British Multi-national insurance company with the headquarter in London. It is the 6th largest insurance provider in the world, and they provide health insurance in countries like Ireland and India. Aviva also offers unique benefits to its members like the treatment of back and neck injury, nurse on call and screening of various diseases.


Oscar is a new type of health insurance plan which is based in New York City. The company covers both individual and family health insurance plans. It offers a short term plan which assists in bridging the gap between coverage by major medical plans. The company also covers small business health plans, Medicare , 24/7 life time support. The Dental insurance offered by this company covers both basic and preventive dental care such as checkups.


Sanitas health Insurance company is based in Las Postas de Calahonda, South America. The company offers a complete health policy which is designed for expatriates in Spain and other European country. Their health plan covers services which include: Health plan Basic, Health plan Students, Health plan Classic and many others. Other services they offer are Travel Assistance, dental insurance and Bupa Transfer.


Aetna is an American managed health care company which is situated at Hartford, Connecticut. Each of their plans come with a personalized support to aid lower costs and keep people healthy. The company offers health plans which include: personalized wellness and disease management programs, online resources to help members keep track of their health plan, history and understand the cost of their care, network of distinguished health care providers among others.

The company also offers dental coverage which includes dental insurance through work, network optional dental plans, dental health , dental plans and programs and  dental insurance plans.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is an American Integrated managed care consortium which is based in Oakland. The company offers health plan that covers personalized online tools to help you stay well, health classes, health lifestyle programs, wellness coaching, 24/7 life time support. Their health plans include individual and family plans, Medicaid/Medical and Medicare plans.

Finally, registering for medical insurance isn’t an option for anyone. Uncertainties and ill health may occur at any time and only those who are insured will save a lot of money in situations like this.

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