Mother’s Day Gift Guide

As many of you know, Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to find a perfect gift for mom. If your mother is a gadget friendly techie, or just benefits immensely from technology, then we have the list for you!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Below are some tech gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

The Cleanliness Conscious Mom


Our mums always seem to be the ones cleaning up, but that doesn’t mean they enjoy it. Why not make their lives easier with their very own Roomba? This little robot vacuums around the house, and all it needs is an occasional charge and cleaning. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

The Reader Mom

Kindle Paperwhite

If your mother is a book lover and doesn’t have an e-reader, you seriously need to correct that. The new Kindle Paperwhite boasts 300ppi display screen, making your reading experience better than before. It has a bright display with dark blacks and bright whites, and there is no glare in sunlight. It’s the perfect thing to introduce your mother to the world of digital books.

The Stylish Mom

If your mum loves to try on new accessories and is also an Apple fan, then she’ll love the Apple Watch in Rose Colour. Equipped with a Heart Rate Monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, light sensor, speaker and microphone, this watch is both beautiful and highly extensible with a slew of apps. Read our full review.

The Chef Mom

Pepper Grinder

If your mum wants to bring her kitchen up to speed, start her off with this stylish and straightforward pepper grinder. The best thing about it? No more actual grinding. Your mum only pushes the button on top, and the grinder automatically does it. She can also choose between fine and coarse grains, and it even comes with a flashlight.

The Neat Freak Mom

If your mother is all about tidiness, then this is a great gift for her. This “smart trash can” has a sensor in it that opens the lid anytime a user comes near. It also has a tight seal that holds in all of those nasty odours. It’s an excellent gift, and it doesn’t cost too much either.

The Worrisome Mom

Wireless Weather Station

My mum not only wants to control the temperature, but she would control the weather if she could. If your mum is the same, then give her the next best thing. This high-tech weather station not only has temperature and humidity settings, but it also gives rain and severe weather alerts. It’s perfect for any mum who worries about the weather.

The Germaphobic Mom

Liquid Soap Dispenser

If your mum is super cautious about getting her hands dirty, or in any other way sharing germs, then this touch-less soap pump is just for her. The dispenser has a sensor in it that releases soap when a hand is placed beneath it. It’s quick, easy, and best of all your mother doesn’t have to touch it.

The Princess Mom

Smart Mirror

Our mums like to feel beautiful, so why not get them something to help them out? Make your mom feel like a futuristic princess with this LED smart mirror. The LED lights perfectly simulate sunlight and even has colour correct effects. Plus the mirror only turns on when a face approaches. It’s the perfect gift to let your mom admire herself.

The Party Mom

Light Show Speakers

In the proximal opposite direction, if your mom just loves a good time then set her up with these crazy awesome light show speakers. USB-connected, these bad boys give a show in sync with your music. Perfect for a little Mother’s Day party, and any mom who wants to rock out.

That’s our mother’s day gift guide. What do you think? Anything we missed? What did you get your mom? If you still cannot decide, we suggest flowers for your mom! They are the ultimate, most loved gifts.

But let us know in the comments if you have more ideas!

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