Easily Sell On eBay USA From Any Country in The World! [How To]

How does a person easily sell on eBay USA?

No doubt, eBay is a fantastic website for anyone looking to sell pre-owned goods. Some people have even built entire businesses off of it. The one downside to eBay, though, is that it is has a limited list of supported countries, at least for selling purposes. Naturally, that doesn’t sit well with international users looking to profit from the digital retail monolith. If you are hoping to get around that, though, you’re in luck because we have an easy guide that can help you set up a seller’s profile on eBay so you can start selling from anywhere in the world.

So, to sell on eBay USA from anywhere… and without living in the USA; you will need three things: a US address, a US phone number, and a PayPal account (this may change in a few months since eBay and PayPal are two separate entities now).

Please note that this guide is not about hacks to successfully sell on eBay, but just an easy-to-follow guide to selling your items in the US from anywhere in the world.

We will walk you through the process and the pre-requisites of selling on eBay USA, but we cannot help you acquire a bank account or have a verified PayPal account. So, please proceed if you already have a verified PayPal account (which is available in over 180 countries), because it’s a ‘must have item’ for eBay… for now at least.

Get A U.S. Address Using A Package Forwarding Service

The first step is to get a US address. This entire post, in fact, is directed towards selling on eBay USA, so kindly keep that in mind when you read on.

The US has a huge market, and if the buyer sees that you are in the USA, there is an implicit trust that they can reach you to answer any customer query. So, you need a US address and the best solution for this is to get a package forwarding service address.

There is a huge list of package forwarding services that give addresses in the USA and I’m sure, you can find one that will fit your needs perfectly. But what is your perfect need? Okay, so common sense says that the service should be reliable, should have decent to great reviews, the customer representatives should be quick to respond and be brilliant as well, the service should have a phone number that you can call or if not that then at least have online chat/live chat system. And, lastly, their ‘free storage’ should be 30 days or more.

The emphasis is on ‘all those qualities’ because, without even one of those, you won’t just be landing yourself in a pool of frustration but your entire selling business could go to the dumps if the address provider turns out to be unreliable or worse… a scam. So pick a forwarder wisely.

Get a USA Phone Number

This is not a must have but a ‘good-to-have’ pre-requisite. Why? Because if your seller profile says you are in the US, eBay will ask for a contact number and if you have one, then you can provide one, right?

So to sell on eBay US, you have one item; the US address but now you need a US contact number to go with it because not only eBay wants a contact number but so do the customers (sometimes) so they can get in touch with you for any reason. The best way to get a US number is using a VoIP service.

We recently covered the post which talks about VoIP services that are pretty affordable, and a lot of them offer packages that are charged for per-minute use rather than monthly use. All of these services can be forwarded to regular number as well, so you won’t even notice a difference in service.

Link It All To PayPal

The last step is for you to add PayPal as the payment solution because eBay prefers it and there is no other way around it for now. So you better have a PayPal account and, a verified one at that!

How to Sell on eBay

The way to sell on eBay is quite simple… why? Because you already have the address, the phone number, a PayPal account and hopefully a decent profile too.

If you are ready to start selling, then you will need pictures of your listings and good ones too. So when your items are sitting at the US address, ask your forwarder to take pictures for you, and once you have those saved on your PC/Mac, you just upload them along with the description and price of your listings. Stay on alert because you may get questions regarding your listings from people who are interested in what you are selling.

When a buyer has paid you for the item s/he wants then only add their address to your forwarding service’s account and ship it out. End of story!

Sell on eBay via eBay Valet Service

Yep… there is also this option! eBay’s new valet service offers to sell on your behalf; cool, eh? The catch, however, is that this service is only for the USA right now.

So, with eBay’s valet service, you first “get started” with their services and there you will see the full list of items the valets accept. You will also be shown an area where you will insert your account email for eBay to send you the shipping label.

Once you have the account setup, just then enter your PayPal ID where it says ‘insert your PayPal account email address”. Keep in mind that you get 60%-80% of each item’s sale price and that money goes directly into your PayPal account. Refer to their eBay’s fee structure for more details.

So if you are choosing this method of selling on eBay, only send the valet your items via the forwarding service (which means, you ship your items to eBay’s label and not your buyer).

Lastly, there are some terms that you need to comply to before becoming a part of eBay’s valet service, so make sure, you go over eBay’s FAQ page and understand them thoroughly.

But if you are new to the whole scene of eBay, simply … follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Valet service portal of eBay
  2. Set up your account
  3. Pick either a drop-off site nearby or get a pre-paid shipping label from eBay. You can also find out if there is a valet near you, so use your zip-code search bar to find one
  4. Send the items over to valet
  5. Your items will be processed and added to eBay which means that they will check your items, take pictures and make a sales page for you also.
  6. If the item is sold, you get your money and if it’s not sold then you can have it auctioned again for a longer run or have it sent back to you.

Easy right? But please keep in mind that because eBay is setting up everything for you, you will not have any say in the matter of perfect pricing, great pictures and the right description of the items. eBay will save you time and headache of selling the items via their valet service by putting their experts to create sales pages for you and do all the basic marketing, but that’s about it.

So if you feel you have a better understanding regarding your sale items, then sell on eBay USA yourself and do the extra leg work also.

To Conclude…

And that’s pretty much everything you need to sell quickly on eBay USA from anywhere in the world. We’d like to take a moment to stress that, while some of these ideas are certainly out of the ordinary, all of them are completely legal. Just because eBay hasn’t added your country to their list doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from their high selling service.

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  1. Hi Zahra,

    I tried this so I could buy from the US and bundle items up with my forwarding company to save on the shipping to the UK.

    I bought an item with my new account, paid for it via PayPal and after about 30 minutes, my account was permanently suspended by eBay.

    I contacted them via their messaging service and was told that I am no longer able to use eBay and any accounts associated with my details including my UK account that I’ve been trading with for nearly 20 years would also be permanently shut down.

    They asked for the details of my other account which a refused to give them and fortunately at this point my UK account is still active.

    I asked what it was I had done wrong and they said they were unable to divulge this due to security policies and the ban was unappealable, they then cut the message off without giving me any chance to respond, very frustrating!

    To top this all off, the seller never sent the item I bought and paid for, and has since re-listed it and sold to another buyer.

    Because my account is no longer active, I have no way of getting the money back through eBay and I’m concerned that if I chase it over the phone, they’ll link my other account that I rely on for my business and shut that down too.

    PayPal haven’t been able to help at this point either as according to them, the item is still in the process of shipping even though I have provided them with photographic proof that it has been re-sold.

    What a disaster! Do you have any suggestions?


    • This is very disturbing and quite unfortunate. Several redditers are saying that PayPal is giving them a lot of grief, so maybe Covid is getting to everyone including eBay and PayPal.

      Is there any way you can get info of the seller, like an email, ID or even contact number, full name maybe… Seller maybe the only person who can send to you.

  2. Zahra . Re: E-Bay, I,m inquiring about up here in Canada. I have a PayPal account here registered with my Bank. Can i ship here from Canada
    to the U.S. or do i still need the US Address and phone number…Thank You..[ i did the E-Bay thing last time in 2005 ]

  3. Hi Zahra im new to Ebay and i am from Asia, i can provide US Address and US Phone Number because my sister leaves there, but the items is here with me. the problem is the shipping how would i let the buyer knows that the items would be ship around 1-2 weeks? Thank You 🙂

  4. I tried creating eBay US account from India ,

    I used US Parcel forwarding address , US phone number for the registration purposes but they immediately suspended my account once I was done creating it.

    In India GST is a big headache as eBay India want you to have it in eBay India account but currently they have halt their services here (Indian division)

    I did tried to debate with the customer service department why did they suspended my account instead they dont provide me particular reason.

    I did asked CC if I could able to use my US friend address and phone number to create the US account and they said Yes you can ! I asked them dont why you take new account registration ? Yes they do but they cant explain of my case !

    This eBay is very ridiculous , pain in the ass and like to dominate people !

  5. Thanks for the informative write up! My case is slightly different .I am from Nigeria i have two drop shipping companies in the us to work with but the challenge is i can’t withdraw through paypal here but can only send unlimited if after the paypal account has been verified by a Nigerian bank.

    The phone number,address and product sourcing are are not a problem any longer.But the issue of getting money from ebay/amazon to us drop shippers and PARTICULARLY,having to cash out paypal.Your insight on this will be appreciated.

  6. Hi and thanks for these article. I live outside the USA and I woudl like to sell some products (mobile device) on ebay.com I understan that I have to notice my current location in item location field, the only thing I can not understand is about the shipping and delivery. From my country to USA takes 14 business day for delivery. The thing is that I can not understand how can I notice it as it shows me only USA post options like fedex, USPS and so on

  7. All you need is a Paypal account, not a US address. I live in Japan, and ship to the US and worldwide all the time. Just have a Verified Paypal account and you can easily use the US eBay site.

  8. Thank you for the information. I am registered on ebay.com.au and I dropship on ebay.com. I am thinking of changing the address on my account to US. Would this cause any problem? Or should I open another account with US address?

  9. Thank you so much for your article. I have one tax related question regarding this business structure though.

    Assuming a person has a U.S. registered Address, eBay account, and PayPal address, but obviously he/she is not an US resident, nor living within the states, would that person has to eventually pay for taxes in the states?

    Any feedback regarding this matter would be appreciated.

  10. Thank you Zahra for this informative article! I have a couple of questions.
    1) Do we need to send our package to the package forwarding service and they need to send it to the customers? Can we send it directly to the customers? and if we do so, will having an international address on the package create some issues for us?
    2) Do we need a US bank account? And in paypal if I use my bank account will that create an issue, too?

    • 1. Depends. I know sellers can sell on US eBay, or any other, from outside of the US but the item location will show as their location. I see this all the time especially with small electronics and accessories coming from HK or China. The seller on the US eBay site is in China, selling items that are in China, and shipping them from China. I have also seen US sellers who will have Chinese companies drop ship certain items, but that is a different type of situation. The good thing about this is that you do not need to have the up-front cost of shipping the supplies to the US before the sale is made. The negative is that if someone in the US needs something right away they may not want to wait for the item to be shipped from an international location; which may necessitate having the product in the US to compete.

      The only “issues” I could imagine with regard to an international address being on an eBay shipment would be the US buyer may not be expecting the potentiality of duties/taxes when it arrives here. Of course this will depend entirely on the value of the item and the category that it is.

      2. I do not believe so. PayPal is international and should be able to accept payments for eBay purchases from any other PayPal account.

      Now, if the PayPal account was setup as a US PayPal account I think PayPal USA may require them to link it to a US bank account before they can transfer more than a certain amount out of it per month. I am not real certain about this though. Linking a foreign bank account to a US PayPal account might work but would not grant it Verified status. If I were in your shoes, I would just setup an international PayPal account and a US based eBay account. The only reason to setup a US account would be if there were some conversion issues that would make it better to keep the money in US Dollars. With this, I think contacting PayPal for clarification would be best. Although they are quite often not very clear, they are in the best position to state how the proper setup should be.

  11. Could we also use Auction Essistance to help us open an account in the USA so we can start using it to sell?

  12. Hi again Zahra
    I’m from turkey.I try to sign up on ebay as a seller and I see all countries name in “Provide Your Contact Info” page on ebay.com,
    For this step I must choose USA, is it true?
    If its prohibited sell on Ebay.com from outside of USA,why all countries name are in “Provide Your Contact Info” page?

  13. Hi Zahra
    Great article
    My Paypal Account is from UAE(United Arab Emirates),Is there any problem about this for selling on Ebay?

    • Don’t know the details for using Amazon US as a shipper so you need to understand those aspects of it and make it work successfully. Do give feedback if you’ve been successful.

      • It didnt worked well , eBay suspended my account for security reasons which cant be revealed by them. I used US IP to create eBay account in addition with US Phone number (using an app) and address (parcel forwarding services). They were allowing to list 5 items , I listed 3 but they said I was too fast for it. Funny !

  14. Hey Zahra

    Great article but one thing I’m not totally clear on. If I sign up for say, USendHome or ShopFans I will get an address to get packages sent to me in Iceland, which is quite cool and I will certainly use one of those next time I need something that isn’t shipped to Iceland.

    I also understand that for selling items on eBay I need a US address and that one of those services will enable me to sign up for eBay sellers program which is something I need to do.

    But as I want to sell items from Iceland and send them to a US address I will still need to send them straight from Iceland, right? And will eBay allow that and allow me to charge the appropriate shipping costs for my goods?

    Thank you in advance

    • Yes that’s exactly how you will do it. If they don’t allow it… then consider shipping items from Iceland to your USA address. And then forward it onwards to the buyer…


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