Watch TV & Movies From Anywhere In The World with UnoTelly


This service no longer operates as at the time of the review in 2015.

Wondering how you could ever watch all those interesting TV shows live? Ever wanted to bypass the content filter and GEO locks placed on your location so you can simply watch previews of your favourite shows? What if you have the money, the credit / debit / prepaid card to pay for it but still couldn’t access your desired services because the service was not yet available for your country? Yes, I’m speaking about the likes of Netflix, Amazon Instant, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Showtime Anytime, CBS All Access etc.

We have already done a wrap up of some great DNS Services that allow you to view content from outside the US, UK, Canada etc however this review is dedicated to possibly one of the best services out there; UnoTelly. Mind you, I am already a paying customer of theirs hence when they asked us to do an in-depth review, I was only too happy to oblige, because I do love their service and use it extensively.

UnoTelly Smart DNS

Their primary offering is the DNS service which effectively means that you can watch any US based TV channel online from anywhere in the world. They currently have the largest selection of channels (that I know of) and you can easily request them for a channel you wish to see for FREE. Another interesting feature is UnoDNS Dynamo.

UnoTelly QuickStart
The Quickstart page is your hub for all your settings & help.


Setup & Device Support

The setup is extremely easy, there is a QuickStart panel which has all the relevant sections. Server lists, Setup & Help are a click away. So is Network update and IP. The server list too makes a note of Dynamo & Non-Dynamo servers. You need to pick two of the closest ones and follow the guide for your OS & Device. That’s the other benefit from using their service. They have a large choice of supported devices from Gaming consoles to BluRay players to Streaming content devices and Routers. Smartphones too can be setup easily & they have a nifty setup application called UnoUnblocker for Windows OS and a dedicated app for Android devices. Sadly, they don’t yet support Windows Phone devices.

How Dynamo Works

What Dynamo essentially does is allow you to switch between different versions of the service with ease. For instance, Netflix is available in 20 countries now (Australia & New Zealand join in March 2015) however their largest collection of TV, Movies and Documentaries remains open for US audiences only. Once you’ve exhausted your own Netflix version, it’s always great to login to UnoTelly and switch your region. It’s a snap and only requires a restart of your Netflix app or webpage. Dynamo also unlocks specific channels from different countries in the world. An extremely useful feature that I ended up using for the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in December 2014. It was streaming live only from Norway’s local channel NRK and I was unable to watch until I turned it on with Dynamo.


The Premium plan gives you access to UnoDNS and starts from $4.95/month (on a month-month basis) to as low as $3.94/month on the annual plan for $47.95. The Gold plan includes both UnoDNS & UnoVPN for $7.95/month (on a month-month plan) that goes down to $4.93/month on their annual plan at $59.95.


As mentioned before, I absolutely adore this service and didn’t think twice about purchasing a plan from them after my trial period. It’s absolutely worth it. Did I mention that I have tested it on a 1 MB DSL connection? Yep, worked like a charm (except for the grainy video).

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