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ZTE Grand X
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ZTE has been making some big strides lately. With the ZTE Zmax, it introduced one of the first budget friendly phablets to money conscious consumers. The phone itself wasn’t even that bad. At that point, it seemed like ZTE was stepping up its game, providing a certain level of quality to the budget phone market. Now, with the Grand X, ZTE seems to be taking a slight step backwards, sacrificing quality to make the phone even more budget friendly.


Grand X
The Grand X is hard to hold for a 5-inch phone and its dated design makes it unappealing. Image courtesy of CNET.

The design of the Grand X is fairly typical. It is a black, like most budget devices, and made of plastic. It is also a rather large device. Despite having a five inch display, the Grand X is almost six inches long and nearly three inches wide. This makes the phone bulky and hard to handle, and there just seems to be a lot of misused space. The phone also looks dated. Even though it is only afew months old, it looks like a phone from 2012. ZTE has never been known for designing sleek and modern phones, but this one feels especially dated. Speakers are still located in the back, a design choice I always hate to see. The display on the phone also isn’t that impressive. Despite being a qHD display, the quality hardly passes for HD. Text looks fine, but any images users look at will be unimpressive.

The phone also runs on old software. Most handsets now, even budget handsets, launch with Android 4.4 KitKat, but the Grand X for some reason launched with 4.3 Jelly Bean. This may not be a big deal to some users, but it only adds to the dated feel of the phone.


The specs on the Grand X aren’t impressive either, but they are passable for a budget phone. The Grand X has a 5 MP rear facing camera and a 1 MP front facing camera. The rear camera is decent enough, but the front camera can be pretty dismal at times. With the right lighting, the pictures for the 5 MP camera can turn out pretty well, though the flash leaves a nasty blue tint to any dark images. The 1 MP should pretty much be avoided entirely.

The battery life on the Grand X is typical. It has about 8.5 hours of talk time, which is pretty average for budget phones. It would be wise not to expect much more out of it.

The processors in the Grand X are a tad on the sluggish side. Even when performing normal tasks, the phone freezes and stops. Again, it just seems like old hardware in a new box.


I was rather impressed with the ZTE Zmax, and I thought it was the start of a new era for ZTE. But, if they follow up the Zmax with more phones like the ZTE Grand X, I will be disappointed. ZTE has proved that they can make decent phones for decent prices. They don’t have to be bottom line dealers. If you are looking for a budget phone, you could easily find one that is the same price that operates a little bit better. Let’s just hope ZTE offers a Zmax 2 in the future.

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