StickNFind, Will It Stick Around [Review]


We all have struggles losing things in our house, right? We lose our remotes, cell phones, car keys, laptops and so on. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep track of all things instead of spending literal hours every year looking for them? Well StickNFind is a new app designed to help you do just that. But, does it really work?

We last talked about this app when it needed funding but we were not sure how the service would pan out, so let’s see how the app is holding up in the real world.


What Is StickNFind?

StickNFind is an app for your Android and iOS devices that comes included with small, lightweight Bluetooth 4.0 actual stickers. The purpose of the product is to help you keep track of your most valued items (or most frequently lost items depending on your perspective) no matter where they are. StickNFind also appeals to enterprises, allowing them to keep track of their inventory in-store, cargo during transport, or even set up a solid security system. The manufacturer is also allowing developers create their own apps for the technology, which could lead to new capabilities for the Bluetooth stickers. In truth, the stickers are probably the most unique aspect of the product. Consumer grade stickers can last for a year (assuming they are used for thirty minutes a day), and the batteries are simple, easy-to-replace battery watches.

How Does StickNFind Work?

The process for StickNFind is pretty straight-forward. One will attach the Bluetooth sticker to any object, and that object can then be tracked from your smartphone. The app works similar to a radar system, and will tell you the estimated distance between your phone and the designated sticker/item. One downside, though, is that the system does not tell you the exact direction the item is in, only the distance. This could lead someone to wander around their house aimlessly until they just happen to drift in the right direction. The app is also considerably slower at detecting objects, as opposed to its competition.

The app does offer a cool feature called e-Leash. Basically, when e-Leash is active your phone you can leash itself to an object, and your phone will alarm you if the object moves outside of a selected distance from your phone. You can also set up the stickers to flash or set off their own alarm.

What if you lose one of your stickers though? Well, the app has something for that. If you lose one of the stickers, you can make that sticker “trackable,” which allows you to see on a map where you last used StickNFind for that object. Having a sticker in “trackable” status also lets one communicate with the StickNFind servers and one will receive notifications if and when the sticker is found. Both this and e-Leash are cool additions to the app, but do they balance out the app’s at best so-so performance?

Now for the compatibility; yes the app can work on both Android and iOS devices. You can download StickNFInd app for IOS here and download StickNFInd app for Android here.

Is StickNFind Worth It?

Ultimately, no. StickNFind is retailed at $49, and to be blunt it isn’t worth that. The stickers are no doubt the biggest selling point of the product, but until the app becomes more refined with its location technology it simply isn’t worth it. Despite some positive reviews on YouTube, customer reviews are a dead giveaway to the actual value of the product. Amazon alone has 18 1-Star reviews out of a total of 21. Maybe in a few years StickNFind will work out the kinks and make a really solid tracking system, but as of right now you would be wise to pass on it.

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