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Samsung has been in competition with Apple for years to make the best devices.  Their Galaxy Note series launched a revolution in smartphones, and Apple has been trying to keep up ever since.  Now, Samsung is beginning to focus more on their tablet lines, since Apple’s iPad still dominates in that market.  Samsung has released some pretty solid tablets, including the Note 10.1 2014.  But, with the new Galaxy Tab S, Samsung has refined its tablet experience to something spectacular.  Is it enough to beat the iPad though?

Galaxy Tab S – Design and Features

The Galaxy Tab S is a pretty good looking tablet.  For those of you who read my other Samsung reviews, I’m normally not impressed by their aesthetic designs. The Galaxy Tab S is nice, though.  It’s still made out of that cheap feeling plastic, but it somehow feels at home on the tablet.  The dimpled back is smooth and beautiful to hold, and the trim is lovely and has a touch of luxury, particularly on the bronze model.  The 10.5-inch tablet is designed to be held horizontally, and it is accompanied by a home key on the bottom.  It looks great, and it feels great to hold, though the size makes it a bit awkward to hold for extended use.  The only real problem with the design of the Galaxy Tab S is the speakers.  The speakers are placed on the sides of the tablet, which makes the sound seem distant and misplaced even at high volume.  At this point in the industry, it should be a standard to work speakers onto the front of any device.

Feature wise it is about what you would expect from Samsung.  The Galaxy Tab S comes with a thumbprint scanner, which is pretty handy.  It also has multitasking which is cool, but it is still a bit limited to essential functions.  Other than that, the tablet is bogged down by the usual run of Samsung apps and features.  If you are into that kind of thing, you’ll love all of this.  As a stock Android lover, I find it a bit irritating.


The best thing about the Galaxy Tab S is its crazy vivid display.  With its Super AMOLED display, found on both the Note 4 and Galaxy S 5, the Galaxy Tab S is the premier tablet for video streaming and gaming.  Seriously, I’ve never seen a better-looking screen on a tablet before.  The battery on the device is also pretty solid.  With consistent use, it can get you through a whole work day.  Ultra power saving mode is back, which is awesome, and it will extend your device’s battery life for weeks (no, seriously.  Weeks.)  The camera on the Galaxy Tab S is okay, at least compared to other tablet cameras.  It doesn’t compete with cameras on the Note 4 or S5, but it is competent if you aren’t looking to take a professional quality picture.

The Verdict

The Galaxy Tab S is certainly giving the iPad a run for its money.  With a beautiful display and near flawless design, it is easy to see why people would choose the Galaxy Tab S over the iPad Air 2.  But, personal preference is also an important factor.  Simply put, I like iOS on my iPad more than like Samsung’s TouchWiz interface.  So, if you love your iPad, it is probably best to stick with it.  But, if you are new to the tablet market, or just a die hard Samsung smartphone user, the Galaxy Tab S is a worthy buy.  Either way, whether you choose the Tab S or the iPad Air 2, the competition for tablets is becoming fierce.

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