Vise Review: Nokia Fatboy Wireless Charger

Nokia Fatboy wireless charger may seem like an extravagant luxury item for a phone, however it adds convenience and beauty to charging. The charger is comprised of two portions; one the colored pillow, the other Nokia’s wireless charging plate of the same color. The latter has a wire that connects the plate with the plug that will go into your power outlet.

The pillow is fairly large with some padding on the insides giving the phone a resting place. This helps for large Nokia devices such as the Lumia 920 that always seems to be sticking out of the sides of the standalone wireless plate. This made me feel assured that the phone won’t slide off. In reality, the phone doesn’t slide off either device but the plate alone doesn’t give this security.

The charging plate has its own indicator light, which is useful when the charger is outside the pillow. Once inside, the user loses the indicator light however the phone making a sound every time charging starts or stops compensates this.

A slight drawback of the Fatboy Charger is that it takes slightly longer time to charge a device. In our tests, the device reached a full charge in about 8~10% more time than it takes when it is on the standalone wireless charging plate. Thus there is some loss of power efficiency with the Fatboy pillow however the charging method itself is power efficient and environmental friendly over traditional wired chargers because the device only draws electricity when charging a phone.

Below are some statistics when charging the device:

Device: Lumia 920 at 25% battery

Charger: DT-900 with pouch CP-603
Time: 25 mins
Charge: 13% (38%)

Charger: DT-900 (Charging Plate)
Time: 25 mins
Charge: 14% (52%)

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