UP MOVE – The Best Affordable Fitness Device [Review]

UP MOVE by Jawbone
  • Activity Tracking
  • Sleep
  • Food Intake
  • Smart Coach


Easy to Use
Ability to connect other Fitness Apps
Detailed Reporting Activity Analaysis

Cannot be used in water
Straps are not durable

The age of wearables is here and fitness trackers are just one of the many wearable devices out there. Choosing the right fitness tracker to suit your requirements and budget isn’t easy. Hopefully, this review for one budget fitness tracker will help you with your decision. So how good is the UP MOVE?

UP MOVE – Review

One of the best features of the UP MOVE is that it keeps track of your daily activity, fitness goals and health. It does not try to do anything else. It is not pretending to be a smart watch and it is not trying to send alerts. It is also available in a variety of colors with a mix of clips and wrist straps. The device is largely meant to be used with the clip though and is unobtrusive. This means there are less chances of getting it wet (as opposed to wearing it on your wrist) and less bulk on your wrist.

I have been using the Up MOVE device by Jawbone for two weeks now and I am enjoying it. Another great thing about UP MOVE device is that you don’t need to carry your mobile with you 24/7; you only need to have the device while you are walking or exercising, and, it will sync the minute you come online or connect your device with bluetooth. You can do this once every few hours or once a day. The companion mobile apps available on iOS and Android make the data meaningful.

UP App Review

As with many fitness trackers out there, it is the app that converts all that data into meaningful information and provide actionable insights.

Walk Activity Statistics

Performance Tracking

The up move come with some fantastic features. You can set your goals for Sleep, Food intake and No of steps you have taken daily. And based on your goals, it tracks your performance on a daily basis or you can set predefined recommended goals. It also gives you a weekly performance of your goals based on your weekly average and tells you whether you have fall short or improved from your previous performance.

Sleep Activity Statistics

Sleep Feature

The sleep feature is really awesome. I usually wear it on my clothing (as the wrist band is cumbersome and gets awful reviews in general) and in the morning it tells me exactly how much I have slept. It also tells me the quality of my sleep, the number of times I woke up, how much time it took me to sleep after lying down and the duration of ‘deep sleep’.


 Smart Coach

Above all the features, I personally love the Smart Coach. It gives me insights and recommendations based on my data. I was sleeping around 12 am, so Smart Coach analyzed my data and recommended me to sleep at 11 am and gave me a choice to commit sleeping at 11 pm. Moreover, it gets smarter over time and helps you understand the importance of sleeping well, eating habits, daily activity and its impact on general health.

Smart Coach

Food Logging

Smart coach also lets you log in your meals. It then analysis the information together with your sleep and activity level and gives recommendations for healthy and nutritious diet. You can log your food via a bar code scanner, restaurant menu and its food database; in return it gives you a score out of 10. The score indicates whether you are in a red-zone or in a healthy zone.


In short, Up Move is an affordable device that you can be worn on your wrist or your clothing line, it syncs with your Android and IOS devices. Up move is a great fitness app that is easy to use and tracks your activities seamlessly and most importantly gives you a trend analysis for the entire week.

best iOS App Download Google Play

You can also connect your Up Move device with Mobile Applications such as Runtastic, MyfitnessPal, Runkeeper, IFTTT and much more for better personalized experience. This will help you reach your goal faster.

The downside is that it cannot be used to track swimming activity. Secondly, the design is quite simple not eye catching or appealing as other Fitness Bands out there. Some users have reported that the strap simply fell off after a certain time but most of users including myself find the clip more durable/wearable. When I am working out or doing cross training, it is clipped on my clothing, till now, I haven’t experienced any issues.

The Jawbone- Up MOVE is a low cost $ 49.99 that actually has most of the features that are available in an expensive band. If you not sure which tracker is best for you, you can compare Jawbone fitness trackers.  


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