Best Budget Smartphones of 2015


It seems the price of high-end smartphones just keeps climbing higher and higher. These climbing prices are quickly making some of the top phones out of reach for many budget-conscious consumers. However, due to the rapid improvement of hardware, there are plenty of smartphones out there that balance price with functionality. TechVise has done the research and found the ten best budget smartphones of 2015. Most are Android, naturally, and you won’t see any iPhones on here, but this list will surely help you save some money as well as discover some new brands to keep in mind.

1 Lumia 640

The great thing about the Lumia series is its focus on affordability. That same idea is ever present in the Lumia 640. With a 5″ screen and 720p resolution, it is sure to please any Windows fan looking for a larger phone. Its Snapdragon 400 processor also makes for decent competition at the price point. Anyone looking for Windows on a budget would be wise to consider the Lumia 640.


2 ASUS ZenFone 2

The latest phone from ASUS offers everything you could want at a terrific price. It has a huge 5.5″ full HD display, a 13 MP camera, and a 3,000 mAh battery. The Intel processor is also competent and easily competes with many other mid-range devices. If you can come to grips with the ZenFone 2’s plastic feel, then this may be one of the best budget smartphones for you. And if you want more RAM and internal storage, you can buy the higher end model for only $100 more. Checkout our full review of the ZenFone 2 for more details.


3 Meizu M1 Note

This Chinese phone is yet another impressive budget smartphone with powerful specs. The Meizu M1 Note also has a full HD 5.5″ display as well as a 13 MP camera. Combine that with the phone’s incredible 40 hours of talk time, and you have one of the best budget smartphones around. The only downside to this phone is the lack of storage expansion.


4 Micromax Canvas A1

Part of the Android One series, the A1 is for anyone looking for a pure Android experience at a low cost. The screen isn’t HD, and the processor isn’t that great, but it has an okay battery. But, honestly, the low price makes the sacrifices worth it. For a stylish, affordable, and simple Android experience, look no further than the Canvas A1.


5 Elephone P6000

The Elephone P6000 is also a great Android experience at a low cost. The P6000 has a 5″ display, a 720p resolution, and a solid 2,700 mAh battery. The phone also has a 13 MP camera, which is a surprising inclusion on such an affordable phone. The Elephone P6000 is easily one of the most affordable large-screen budget smartphones around.


6 Moto G 2015

The Moto G is a no-brainer for this list. It has an improved 5″ display with a 720 resolution, and it has a decent battery life. Its 8 MP shooter is solid, though it doesn’t compete with some of the other cameras on this list. Still, for a vibrant, affordable, and functional Android experience, the Moto G 2015 is a smart choice.


7 Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

Samsung is known for its higher end devices, but it also makes some decent and serviceable budget smartphones. The Galaxy Core Prime is the latest example of this. The screen is smaller than some phones on this list at 4.5″ and the screen is less than HD. The camera is also rather basic at 5 MP. But, the phone does have a fast Snapdragon 410 processor and a high battery with up to 13 hours of talk time. If you can sacrifice some pictures and screen resolution, the Galaxy Core Prime is a great phone for those looking for the TouchWiz experience on a budget.


8 Blu Vivo Air

Blu has been in the business for quite a while, and their handsets seem to improve year over year. The Vivo Air is one of their latest handsets, and it is impressive, to say the least. It has an HD 4.8″ display, a solid 8 MP camera, and battery with up to 12 hours of talk time. Combine that with Blu’s longtime dual-SIM functionality, and you have a decent budget smartphone that can easily hold its own.


9 Sony Xperia M2 

For the Xperia fans out there, you’ll want to focus on the Sony Xperia M2. While it doesn’t have the waterproof features of Xperia Z series, it still offers the great apps available on the Xperia interface. The plastic design follows that of the premium models, and the phone has an impressive battery life with 14 hours of talk time. It’s the ultimate Xperia experience on a budget.


10 Xiaomi Mi 4i

Of course, Xiaomi was going to make it on this list, and the Mi 4i is their shining example for budget smartphones. With a 5″ full HD display, 16 GB of internal storage, and battery with 35 hours of talk time, it is evident to see why Xiomi is making a name for itself in the affordable market. Not only that but the Snapdragon 615 processor it holds blows its competition out of the water in many respects. The Xiaomi Mi 4i has everything you could want at the price you want to pay. The phone is mostly available in Asia Pacific (Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc.) though you can get it directly from GearBest from the desired warehouse location and then use a Package Forwarding Service to ship it to your desired country.


And those are the best budget smartphones of 2015. With so many advances in mobile technology, the next few years will offer some promising budget smartphones for consumers. It seems that a significant functional handset is never too far out of reach.




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Hi this is the best list of budget phones that I have came across. It is no wonder the Redmi phones are getting so much popularity and preferences that it has to be in every possible list of smartphones and budget phones. Also, its good to see that Moto is… Read more »

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