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Package forwarding services have been very successful at bridging gaps that online shoppers face around the globe. But between purchasing items and having them shipped, a decent amount of money goes in forwarding those items to your destination. To gauge what this frightening amount is going to be, a package forwarding service, USendHome launched a new integrating tool, dubbed ‘Amazon Worldwide Shipping’ which offers to give up to 80% reduced rates directly in Amazon cart (and that too before placing the order!).

This middleman shipping model is at the moment only available in Google Chrome for desktop. It integrates with Amazon and quickly gets shipping models with the cheapest pricing structure.

Sure, dozens of services will receive your online purchases and forward them to you wherever you want, but unless you know the prices of international shipping before you finish shopping online… well, it’s an expensive game of guesstimate.

Imagine yourself spending $75 on Amazon and want to ship your items to Brazil. You send your items to a package forwarder, only to find out later that your shipping bill comes to a whopping $125! But there’s no turning back now and you’ve got to pay an expensive shipping bill you never expected.

The Amazon Worldwide Shipping won’t disappoint you as it gives you an estimate in advance. With this tool, Amazon shoppers can easily see the optimal international shipping solution available to them based on the lowest number of individual boxes directly from their shopping cart. Rather than just forwarding every single package abroad, this unique app consolidates your items to the ideal number of boxes (taking into consideration weight, size, and safety), and then shows you the lowest international shipping rates available for your optimised shipment. In a matter of seconds, you have the best packaging combination, and the best prices displayed right in the corner of your browser window promptly just before you place your order. Not to mention that users of the Amazon Worldwide Shipping app can enjoy a potential savings of up to 80% off standard shipping rates. But let us take into account the benefits one by one:

Benefits of Amazon Worldwide Shipping App

Select Your International Shipping Rate BEFORE Completing Checkout at Amazon

Costs of international shipping are enough to stop most consumers dead in their tracks and can be double, if not triple the price of the products you purchased online. Amazon Worldwide Shipping app offers 100% integration with, so you’ll never have to guess international shipping costs or get stuck with an unexpectedly large bill. This tool gives you all the information you need before you commit to buying your items, which puts you back in the driver’s seat.

Bring Amazon to Your Doorstop – Regardless of Your Address

Online shoppers can have any Amazon product shipped directly to their home address, no matter where they live in the world. USendHome ships to almost anywhere in the world and currently reaches more than 180 countries.

Save Up to 80% on International Shipping Rates with Package Consolidation

Despite additional shipping costs, Amazon still frequently sends shoppers numerous individual packages even when products are purchased at the same time. When these boxes arrive at the USendHome facility, they are consolidated into the optimal shipping solution (based on size, weight and safety precautions). Therefore, rather than paying tonnes of money for multiple international shipments, users of the app receive a consolidated shipment and save up to 80% on international shipping rates.

How Amazon Worldwide Shipping App Works

  1. Install the Amazon Worldwide Shipping with USendHome app in your Google Chrome and indicate which country you would like to ship to (on the options page).
  2. Fill up your Amazon cart and navigate towards your shopping cart page.
  3. From your shopping cart view, click on the app icon in the upper right-hand corner of your browser window.
  4. In seconds, the app will determine the optimal shipping solutions for your items and display all the available shipping methods for your consolidated packages.
  5. To get access to these exclusive discounted international shipping rates, just signup for a free account at USendHome and ship your items to the free address that USendHome has provided you. Once your items are shipped out of Amazon, they will reach USendHome facility where your items will yet again be consolidated in their secure warehouse and shipped via FedEx or the USPS.
  6. You can then pay USendHome via PayPal or any major credit card.
  7. To track your forwarded shipment, just follow the tracking number which the team behind USendHome will give you. Additionally, you can also use the automated package tracking system within USendHome that notifies when additional new shipping activity takes place.
  8. Receive your Amazon purchases delivered directly to your doorstep!

Check out the YouTube video below to see a demonstration of how the Chrome app works in Amazon.

The Amazon Worldwide Shipping with USendHome app for Google Chrome is designed to give you access to all your favorite Amazon items, no matter where you live – no hassle, no exorbitant prices, just one seamless, safe service that you deserve. Ready to shop and ship it home?

Click here to learn more about our new Amazon Worldwide Shipping app for Chrome.

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Author: Madeline Blasberg

Madeline is a writer and journalist for USendHome, a company that specialises in US package forwarding services for online shoppers around the world. She believes in no-nonsense writing, walking barefoot, and befriending people with compatible Amazon wish lists.

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Looks like just another forwarding co. and I’m quite good with my current one Transbang(, they are located in Oregon, consolidating 10 orders for free, sending by USPS, and you can customize your declaration value, they just provide what all I need.

Get US postal Address
Get US postal Address

The best option, as these package forwarding services provide you with US postal address for communication. Weather you are a non US resident, you still can have this address ans use it.

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