Remove Duplicate Files with Duplicate Files Fixer [Review]

A hard drive is nothing less than a data garage. All files find their place on it, be it useful data, obsolete files or duplicate files. And, research shows approximately 30% to 60% of disk space is utilised signifying that the remaining is occupied by redundant files. Here we’ll show you how to remove these files.

Types of Redundant Files

This segment includes junk files, temporary files, duplicate files, and cache.

How to Rid of such Files from System?

While all of these file types have their fixation, we will focus on the duplicate files. Duplicate files are the ones, which are an exact replica of the original file. Their file name, content, size and other details are same.

Many times, these files come up as the major space hogging factor on a system. Removing these files is as complicated as their numbers on a PC. Perhaps, this extended duplicate cleaning process can be simplified with a reliable duplicate file remover software like Duplicate Files Fixer. This handy duplicate cleaner is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, & 10. It is also available for Android, iOS, and Mac users.

Duplicate Files Fixer: Instant Duplicate Files Remover

Duplicate Files Fixer is a duplicate finder and remover software for Windows users. It is a handy, and an accessible tool; with which removing numerous duplicate files is a click away. The software scans the folders and files, detects the duplicate files and deletes them in a click. It cleans pictures, videos, audio, and document files.


Major Highlights of Duplicate Files Fixer: Features


Duplicate Files Fixer has a simple interface. The home screen of the software allows you to add files and folders for scanning. These can be done in two ways; either add with ‘Add Files’ & ‘Add Folders’ button or drag and drop the file or folder to the home screen. Once the potential folder and files have been added, you can simply scan them with ‘Scan for Duplicates’ button.


After the software has scanned all files and folders added for scanning, it exhibits the results on ‘Results’ tab. All duplicates are categorised in groups by the software. These can be previewed and auto-marked in a single click. Auto-mark option is located on the extreme left of the options panel. It marks only the replica copy of the file and not the original one.

Delete Duplicates

As soon as all duplicates are auto-marked, delete them with a click on ‘Delete Marked’ button. The software will seek your permission before deleting any files; please click ‘Yes’ to delete duplicate files.

Scan History

Everything scanned with the software is stored safely in its database. This can be reviewed anytime from the ‘Scan History’ tab. Entire scanning history is listed here until it is removed by you.


You can change settings of the software easily. Here is a rundown of the major customisation features, which lets the software work according to your preferences.

  • General Settings: This mainly includes deletion, export, and cache cleaning options of the software. You can confirm before deletion, move files to recycle bin, export duplicates and clear cache of replica files.
  • Advanced Scanning Settings: This section allows you to personalise the file types and formats to be scanned, time bound for scanning, minimum, and maximum file size for scanning and alike. With this setting, you can take control over the software and customise its working to any extent.
  • Search Options: There are files which do not share same file name but contain the same content. These files are also detected with this software. Search Options let you select the various ways with which you want to scan your files.

Below are the screens that you can follow to remove duplicate files.

Final Verdict

Duplicate Files Fixer is a simple, easy-to-use and affordable duplicate media remover. It’s a reliable tool, designed with great features which reduce the effort of removing duplicates and improve the results. With these in the software, it is one of the best duplicate media remover software which recovers chunks of storage space in a jiffy.

About The Author:

Ankush Ameria is Software Analyst who loves to write on latest software and apps to boost system performance.


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