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I have always been interested in listening to podcasts.  I have never been overly interested in listening to the radio, but when I did, I enjoyed listening to talk shows. With the rise of internet, podcasts have grown immensely popular, and there is now a steady and sustainable marketplace full of varied and unique broadcasts. The biggest issue though, for me and other podcast enthusiasts, is finding a way to listen to them. Unless you are streaming from your computer, it can be difficult to find time to listen to them. Luckily, with a wide variety of smartphone apps, users are now able to listen to podcasts on the go. But, many of these apps are clunky and lack content and features to make them worthwhile.  Podcast Addict is not one of those apps. On the contrary, Podcast Addict, currently only available on Android, is one of the most useful and streamlined podcast apps around.

Podcast Addict – Design & Features

Podcast Addict is a very functional app, but not necessarily a pretty one. While the primary colors of the logo are cream orange and white, the app itself is primarily black with grey undertones.  This doesn’t make the app look bad exactly, just bland.  Users will only find color variety in the cover images of their podcasts.

However, despite the bland look, Podcast Addict has a solid an dependable interface.  On the homepage, users will see all of the podcasts they follow (as well as how many new episodes there are for that particular podcast).  In the right corner of the app, you can refresh the list to see if any podcasts have updated, as well as a “+” symbol to add new podcasts.  There is also an eye symbol that will show or hide previously viewed podcasts.  This feature in particular is nice so that you do not have to wade through content you have already seen.

By tapping the left corner, users will be able to see a wide variety of things including a download manager, deleted podcasts, favorite episodes, and the latest episodes within the last seven days.  All of these features add together to make a cohesive and convenient interface that many other podcast apps fail to deliver.


The player for Podcast Addict is also pretty solid.  It operates like your typical player, with the ability to fast forward, rewind, skip, and pause, but it also has another unique suite of features.  Podcast Addict’s player has an equalizer, which will allow to adjust the tones for optimal listening (a feature I have not seen before).  It will also let you favorite the app, which is something to be expected.  My favorite feature of the player, though, is the timer.  By tapping the clock in the top right corner, users can designate how long they want the episode to run before shutting off.  This is nice for those of us who want to fall asleep listening to podcasts without missing any content.


I was afraid I would never find an app that could totally encompass my needs. But, with Podcast Addict, I found an app that had all the content I wanted along with a suite of other awesome features.  Its intuitive interface makes it simple to use and it will quickly become a favorite among podcast listeners.


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