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Monitor Android & iOS Devices with XNSPY App [Review]

XNspy app review
XNSPY app is the easiest and safest of all smartphone apps to monitor what your children and/or employees are talking about and who they are in contact with.

XNSpy app is what we will be reviewing today, and from where we can see, this smartphone monitoring software is receiving lots of love and hatred, simultaneously.

Spying apps have a reputation for being intrusive, useful, quirky and innovative, but the biggest source of compelling criticism for such apps comes from spying antagonists who were somewhere being abused due to mobile tracking. Under U.S. statute, covert monitoring via security cameras is illegal, but surveillance and spying apps (that are taken as an equivalent of spying apps) are legal and have been used by employers, parents and spouses. Generically, the terms monitoring and spying are interchangeable, unless a clear distinction is made between the two.

Check out our detailed review about XNSPY below, as we will be closely weighing the costs and benefits in this app. We will also look at the features and compatibility, and lastly, present our personal verdict.


So we tried xnspy app to find out what it’s really capable of accomplishing. These are a few things from our hands-on experience with it.

First, the app requires physical access to the target device (the smartphone or tablet that you want to spy on).

Second, the app takes around 3-5 minutes to instal.

Third, according to xnspy’s terms and conditions, the app can only be used for monitoring purposes. However, the app has a tendency to be used for covert monitoring as well, and it gives people an incentive to monitor others’ cell phone or tablets secretly.


Talking about the features of this app, if you compare XnSpy with other apps in the same spectrum, you could see that its features and pricing are fairly competitive. You get almost everything that can help you monitor someone’ smartphone activity, but doesn’t go overboard while doing so.

The ability of XnSPY to stay discreet could attract lovers, partners and spouses quite quickly, as they have the biggest incentive to watch over their partners’ activity secretively. Here are some of the features of this app that could particularly be helpful for monitoring your child, employee or spouse.

  • GPS Tracker: Every mobile spying app is going to offer location tracking services, but you have to be careful with the quality of GPS tracking. XNSPY is somewhat off with this particular feature because the ability to track in real-time is not right. There is a two-minute gap between every new location stamp that will appear on the map, even when the target is moving. XNSPY’s customer support says that real-time location tracking is possible, but that would entirely drain the battery of a cell phone in just a few hours.
  • Social Media Tracking: With features like Tinder, Kik, and Instagram monitoring, the app has some competitive advantage. XNSPY app can track chats, photos, videos, and audio from the target device. Other apps that you can monitor are WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Line, Skype, and iMessage.
  • Remote Commands: The presence of remote controls on this app is a good sign, as they can be used to manage and supervise smartphone activity of employees and kids. If you have a technology-obsessed teen at home with his/her personal smartphone or tablet, you can use xnspy app to lock their device, take a screenshot of their activity, erase phone data and even recording their calls. These are rare feature that only best mobile spying apps
  • Calls and Surroundings Recorder: For business owners, call recording could act as a powerful surveillance tool, make sure you are abiding by the digital monitoring laws of your state to avoid any legal repercussions.
  • Phone Logs Tracker: And yes, you can monitor call logs, text messages, emails, internet browsing history, phonebook entries, and saved notes.


XNSPY is compatible with all Android devices that are running Gingerbread 2.3 or above, and all iOS devices with iOS 6.0 or higher. The Android version of the app doesn’t require rooting the device (except for a few features), but the Jailbreak iOS version requires you to jailbreak the target device first. There is also an iCloud variant for those who don’t want to get into the trouble of downloading and installing XNSPY app on a device and works only using the iCloud credentials of the person whose device activity you want to monitor.


XnSPY is available in Basic, Premium and iCloud version. The basic and premium packages are available on both Android and iOS platform. Here are the pricing details:

  • XNSPY Basic: This package costs you $8.33/month when you subscribe to a 12-month package (you pay $99 annually). The subscription charges go considerably high for quarterly and monthly packages.
  • XNSPY Premium: This package starts from $12.49/month.
  • XNSPY iCloud: This version is priced in conjunction with the basic version at a starting price of $8.33/month.


XNSPY app has many benefits, especially for parents and employees. The only risk that this app poses is in the form of covert monitoring that could lead to a possible intrusion of privacy. Rest, it’s a green signal, as the app has a reasonable price & features.

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Mistress Inferno
XNSPY is the worst phone monitor software I have EVER used, the software is extremely unstable. It came to the point that the software wiped a device completely. XNSPY own description is very sumier. And the 24/7 support is NONE existent. The chat function is mostly not available. The XNSPY… Read more »