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Are you one of those people who constantly communicate with people on your phone, via WhatsApp, Viber, text, calls various other messenger apps? Are you also tired of going to each and every communication app and digging out the right person? If so, then we may have a solution for you – at least if you are on Android.

Drupe makes accessing your contacts easy by adding a quick access icon that is always present on your screen. It is more of a user interface than an app actually; but lets take a ride down its features and how it can be handy asset rather than a liability.

Drupe – Contacts Made Simple

Drupe‘s tagline is “Contacts Made Easy” and it very much lives up to that statement. The whole purpose of Drupe is to make accessing contacts simple for users.

Drupe manages to do this in a friendly and non-invasive way. Once you download the app and launch it, Drupe will give you a brief tutorial on how to use it (which I am going to explain here, anyway).Drupe

Once you launch Drupe, it will add a 4-dot icon to your screen that can be adjusted and moved to the most convenient location for you. This icon will always be on screen so that you can easily access the app (and therefore your contacts). By swiping the icon left or right (depending on its location), you instantly open the app. On the left side of the screen will be your favorite contacts, and on the right will be your communication apps (such as phone, messages, email, and Facebook Messenger etc). By swiping left from the middle, users can see their most recent phone calls. On the bottom left corner is the keypad icon. The bottom center holds a search bar that will allow you to look up any of your contacts.

To send a contact an email, you merely have to drag that contact to the email icon and Drupe will launch the app with the desired contact info filled in. It is simple and incredibly handy. I will say, though, that Drupe can take a while to launch these apps. When trying to load a contact in Facebook Messenger, it took several seconds for the app to launch; this isn’t a huge deal, but it almost made me think that I could have launched the app faster myself. So consider the sluggishness a con.

The settings in the bottom right corner will allow you to change all kinds of features within Drupe. You can adjust the color of the theme (the default is a very calm navy blue), you can also adjust the way the 4-dot icons appear on screen. You can even modify it to display the favorite contacts all the time either in full view or in mini iconic view, or simply disable the icon feature all together. These settings are simple, and it helps you to make Drupe more customisable.

The Verdict

Anyone who wishes to contact someone on their phonebook via different communication apps can easily achieve that with Drupe. It has great adjustable settings that will give you total control of the app. Its interface is simple and fluid, and it is a breeze to navigate. The only real downside to the app is the slow launch time for communicative apps. But, if you can handle that, then there isn’t much wrong with it. For Android users, Drupe is a must have.

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Thank you for your info. Enjoying Drupe but just got my first saved message and cannot delete it. Drupe doesn’t give me a keyboard on my Motorola LTE. Appreciate your help. And about the cost. As the free apps access all my contacts and all my network, they will do… Read more »

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