Vise Review: Keep Your Medical Records In One Place with OnPatient

A few years back, Google tried to create a universal service that would allow users to keep their medical information in one place and be able to share it with their doctors. Long story short…it failed. The service, coined Google Health, could not generate enough steam and Google terminated the service. However, the people using the service really enjoyed it, and for those users Google recommended Microsoft’s HealthVault. HealthVault is very similar, allowing users to collect medical information for their entire family and take it with them to the doctor as needed. However, as incredible and revolutionary as these services were, they were almost strictly patient oriented. Doctors could only view medical information that the patients brought with them, and it was only on their devices. Well, with OnPatient by drchrono, there is finally an app designed for both patients and doctors, and it could be the true revolution of digitized medicine.

What Is OnPatient?

Well, we can’t really answer that question until we talk about drchrono. It is a service designed to give patients and doctors access to Electronic Health Records (henceforth called EHR) that allow both parties to access medical records at any time via a secure cloud service connection. drchrono is foremost known for its iPad services aimed directly at doctors to help monitor and track their patients’ information in a clean, user-friendly interface. OnPatient is the newest of their services, and it allows doctors to share medical records, among other things, with their patients. …mobile phones are perfect for recording health data and sharing this data back to a doctor,” Daniel Kivatinos, the co founder  said in an interview with TechCrunch. All-in-all it is designed to give a seamless and user-friendly experience to the user and streamline the medical process.

How Does OnPatient Work?

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It is really quite simple. Doctors can download the app on their iPhone, iPad, android device or Kindle Fire and create their OnPatient account (which should be a quick and easy process if they already have a drchrono account). From there, they can create their own medical records that they can share with their patients (once the patient has downloaded the app on their device of course). Doctors can share listed allergies and medications with their patients, as well as refill prescriptions. It also allows them to send private and secure messages to their patients, send reminders about appointments to reduce absences, and it allows patients to fill out forms before the visit. The user interface for this service is minimalist and easy to follow, and it really is pretty beautiful. For those who still don’t quite understand though, drchrono also offers a YouTube channel that walks through all of the processes for their services. There is also a nice demo of the service at the OnPatient help center.

Is OnPatient Worth It?

Absolutely. OnPatient really can streamline the doctor’s process and help develop a more personable relationship between doctors and patients. Doctors should definitely give it and drchrono’s other products a try. For one, it is super beneficial to their practice, and it also brings peace of mind to the patients knowing that all of this information is secured and easily available. OnPatient is not only available on iPad and iPhones but on Android and Kindle Fire devices as well. Doctors reading this should give it a try, and potential patients reading this should encourage their doctors to check it out.


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  1. Medical records of both patients and doctors are a necessary element for improvement in the healthcare system. While the records of patients are used to provide better treatment, the records of a doctor are also required for creating doctor reviews. This way all the previous information helps in making a better future.


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