Collaborate In Style Using HipChat [Review]

I remember working full-time at a company that used group chatting services, and I always hated it. You know why? Because I was never really part of any conversation, nor did the conversation relate to my department and yet, I would receive constant notifications and updates from it. Needless to say, it was a painful experience.

HipChat, on the other hand, offers personalised chat rooms as well as quick access to relevant information. Put simply; the modern way to group chat these days, is this service.

What is HipChat?

HipChat is a not a new service on the block; they have been around for a while now but ever since Atlassian came in the picture, the group chatting service is out to beat all the others.

With tonnes of chat options and unique features, it easily beats out the competition regarding functionality. At last, the people at Atlassian have developed a service that is functional, non-invasive, and super easy to use.

How Does It Work?

When users create a HipChat account, they get a dedicated server for their work chat. That makes it super easy to maintain, and (if you’re working for a company) super easy for an IT department to manage. After you create your account, users invite members to their server via email, and from there all users can dive into all of the features.

HipChat works like some other group chat services like Slack, GrapeChat and Get Lua but what separates it from other services is the screen sharing feature. This means that you can share your screen with your colleagues to collaborate in real time.

This is a great feature and comes in use a lot and for HipChat to offer it, is simply amazing. Of course, it also has other features like Video Chatting, user integration, drag and drop file sharing, fully customizable chat rooms that have various notification settings and tonne of integrations with other services (30+ as a matter of fact), so it should work seamlessly with your workplace’s other services.

Now imagine all this with the ability to search for specific docs and links, and HipChat becomes a comprehensive app that is perfect for any collaborative group.

Did I tell you that it synchronises across all of your desktops, mobile devices and web apps so conversations are never lost when you switch devices?

What Does It Cost?

Like most of group chatting services, HipChat is free for its basic core users, however, If you are looking to really up your team’s collaboration, though, you will want to opt for the affordable and worthwhile premium edition. HipChat’s premium service costs a measly $2/Month, per member. Going premium gives the group access to one-on-one video chatting, one on one screen sharing, and unlimited history searching. These may seem like little add-ons, but it can be hugely beneficial for team members who need to collaborate over long distances. Unlimited history searches also lets users go back and find docs/links that may be important long after they are available on the free account.

The point is… the premium benefits are few, but vital.

The Verdict

If your work group is using any chat service, they should switch to HipChat immediately. The free version is great and allows for customisable chat rooms as well as particular doc and link searches. The premium features are a little on the short side, but they are useful enough and more than justify the low entrance fee. In any case, HipChat is vastly superior to others out there.

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