5 Great Gift Ideas for Windows Users


You have probably read our other gift guides, but now its time to shed some love on our Windows gift ideas! We have covered Android and Apple with their wide variety of Bluetooth speakers and t-shirts, but now its time to focus on yet another key group of die hard fans.

Windows Phone users are great because they dare to go against convention, and they seek creativity and innovation in their mobile devices. Celebrate this ‘daring to be different’ in some of the great gift ideas you can get them.

Microsoft Band 2 – from $240gift guide

As the second smartwatch that strives to fully encompass being a smartwatch and a fitness band, Windows Phone lovers will adore the Microsoft Band. Its sleek and stylish, and it even includes a heart-rate monitor in the band. For Windows Phone users who are looking for a wearable that’s different from the competition, the Band 2 is for them. Although discontinued, it’s still available on Amazon and our team loves this piece of tech.

Microsoft Lumia 735 – $385gift guide

The great thing about Windows phones is how they bundle quality design with a solid and affordable price.  The Lumia 735 is a great example of this mantra. With a solid camera, a snappy and colourful design, and LTE capability, this is the Windows phone that truly defines what Windows is. Give your Windows lover this phone if you think they want to show off to their friends what Windows is all about.

Nokia Wireless Charging Plate– $35gift guide

The problem with charging plates is that they are often bulky and unappealing, but that isn’t the case with the Nokia wireless charging plate. The plate is slim and contained, and basically disappears when a phone is placed on top of it.  For Windows users who love unique, windows exclusive accessories set them up with this awesome colourful gift.

UE Boom Speaker – $170

gift guideIn my humble opinion, Windows phones have the best capability for music. With apps like Music Deals, it is simple to get loads of great music for dirt cheap, and I honestly think Nokia’s MixRadio is far superior to Pandora for numerous reasons. With all of these great options, shouldn’t your Windows lover have a great speaker? Look no further than the UE Boom. From personally testing it, I can honestly say it is one of the loudest and most powerful Bluetooth speakers I have ever heard. It basically shakes the room when it’s on full blast. For the Windows fan who loves music, hook them up with this top of the line Bluetooth speakers. It even comes in various designs, which is a plus since Windows fans love looking different.

Nokia Treasure Tag – $30gift guide

Similar to Microsoft’s KeyLink, the Nokia Treasure Tag can be attached to your keychain, pet’s collar or anything else you may potentially use. Using Bluetooth, users will be able to track the tag (within a certain range) right from their Windows phone!  For Windows users who seem to lose everything, give them this perfect gift that keeps on giving.

And that’s our list! Are there more great Windows gifts out there that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

Remember, to get or send any of these wonderful tech gifts, all you need to do is buy and ship it anywhere in the world using a good parcel forwarding service.


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