Great Collaborating Services For Group Study [Review]


Collaborating in a study group can be a tedious and difficult process. I personally try to avoid them at all costs, but sometimes they are just inevitable. The worst part of study groups, or any kind of collaborative process really, is scheduling. It just never seems like there is an ideal time for everyone to meet. Yet, the work still has to be done. So what’s a study group to do?

Luckily the digital age has given us a whole new platform to coordinate on, and there are some great online collaborating services to help you do just that. For your benefit, here are five of the best collaborating services for group studies.

Wiggio – Freestudy group

Wiggio is a stellar collaborating service to consider because of its simplicity. Since it is entirely browser based, there isn’t any need to download anything. It also stores everything your group could possibly need (such as documents) in one place. Combine that with the calendar, the ability to create a to-do-list and assign tasks, and being able to send text & voice messages and you have yourself a pretty powerful service. Plus it’s free.


Basecamp – $20/month, 60-day trialbasecamp-logo-for-fluid

The first thing you’ll see on Basecamp’s website is “Chaos, Organized,” and that pretty much sums up the goal of this service. Basecamp gets a group together and helps them organize all of their information and communicate in a fast and effective way. One could really think of it as your “base camp” of operations. What makes Basecamp unique is its simple interface and its integration of mobile applications to the service. It’s only $20 a month, which may or may not benefit some. However it is worth trying out the 60-day free trial.


Open Study – Freeopen study

This one is straight up about studying, and nothing else. If you are struggling in a certain project but lack the social skills to effectively learn from a study group, than this is the service for you. Open Study allows users to get on and join a study group based on a certain topic. The user than asks a question and a fellow student will help them out. It’s that simple. Best of all, it’s totally free.


 ThinkBinder – Freethinkbinder

ThinkBinder is another great collaborating space for people to come together and study. Users can upload videos and documents on the site, as well as have a universal calendar for everyone to view. If you have a study group that struggles actually getting together, than this is an ideal app for you.


ExamTime – Freeexamtime

ExamTime is a stellar app just because of everything it has to offer. It has a unique series of apps designed to help you improve your memory and understanding of a topic, and it even has a handy study planner. Really, when used properly with a solid study group, ExamTime could easily be the best collaborating service on this list. Plus you can take it with you anywhere using its app available for Android and iOS. Did I mention it’s free? Well, it’s free.

And these are just some of the best collaborating services out there. These ones however are great because they are mostly free, but they are unique in their simplicity and stellar execution.

Do you use a collaborating service which is awesome and easy? Share it with us too in the comments below.


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Best free project management is Bitrix24 in my opinion. It has all the features of Asana, Basecamp and Trello, but comes with native time tracking, Gantt charts, billable hours and client management.


Thanks Bob! Since we are talking about group study, it seems a little too much to add Bitrix24 don’t you think? If we were talking about businesses or startups, I would have added it in 🙂