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In today’s go-go world, it can be difficult to separate our personal lives from our social and work lives. With everything coming to the same number, your life can quickly become a deluge of other people’s issues and problems. Flyp is a new app available on iOS and Android that aims to remedy this issue. By assigning certain aspects of your life to individual numbers, you will be able to better organize your work, social, and personal life. Flyp accomplishes this with a slick and stylish app that functions well, but is the organization of your life worth the cost this app demands?


FLYP – Design & Features

From a design standpoint, Flyp is a very nice looking app. It is smooth and responsive, and I never had any issues finding what I needed to find.

I should warn you though that the app only works for USA based numbers. This is a real bummer and a huge minus point for makers of Flyp. USA is not the entire world and everyone around the globe should be able to use a fantastic app such as Flyp. This drawback also means that Google Voice and any other virtual number is not supported by Flyp.

So, if you have a US number and have installed this app then when you first launch the app, it will ask for your current phone number. Once it has confirmed the number, you will instantly get your new Flyp number and be able to use the app to its full capability. From here, you can designate the number as either a Work, Social, or custom number. Users can also import their contacts already saved on the phone. But, rather than simply importing all of your contacts like other messenger apps, users can pick and choose which contacts they import. This makes it simple to import only the contacts you need, based on which part of your life the number is for.

From there, users can begin using their number whenever and however they want. Text messages are fast and responsive, and you allow Flyp to send push notifications to your phone. You can even dial out and make a phone call with Flyp. The call quality, from what I experienced, is crisp and clear, so there shouldn’t be any worries about voices being muddled or overly digitized.


The Cost Of FLYP

Your first number with Flyp is free, which is great. It allows you to test the service without being overly committed to it. With the free number, you also get a basic voice mail setting, unlimited text messaging, and 100 minutes of calls. That’s pretty awesome, and it is just enough to see if the service is right for you. For any numbers after that, it is $2.99/Month per line, or $29.99/Year per line. That may seem steep, but when you consider the cost of adding a line to your current US cellular plan (plus the hassle of carrying a second phone around) it’s actually a pretty great deal. Users also get a host of other features like a personalized voice mail, quick reply text options, 500 outbound minutes, and even the ability to pick your area code, again for US citizens only. When you weigh in all of those factors, as well as how often you will actually use the numbers, it is well worth the cost.

Flyp will also be adding a few more features in the near future including international texts and calls, group calling, and number porting.



If you are having trouble keeping up with all of the lives you lead, and feel a second or third number will remedy your struggles, then Flyp is the perfect app for you. If you dont live on the US soil however, don’t even bother downloading this app. Its just going to be a waste of space. The app however, yes, is simple to use and easy to set up. The features it packs are hard for other apps to compete. Couple that with its low yearly cost and great premium features, and you have one of the best call and messaging app around… for US that is.

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