Keep Everyone Happy at Your Party with this Playlist App

Everyone has different tastes in music – which is the main reason why keeping every guest happy at your party is not an easy task. With a large number of guests, someone is bound to ask to skip a track or to put on one of their favourite tunes. Worse still, your guest could start to fight or argue over what kind of music should be played. Now that’s something that nobody wants at their party!

To end the quarrels and make sure your party runs as smoothly as possible we have some awesome tips that will help keep your guests happy while listening to music together.

Be flexible with your choice of music

Choose your music keeping your guests in mind. Don’t just stuff playlist with your favourite songs, especially when they comprise of tracks people may not like, or even know.

You can try putting together a party playlist with the help of your friends, which will help you build a list that has a much better chance of pleasing the audience. Better still, you can try Find What You Like’s Listen Together App to build a fantastic party playlist! The app allows users to vote for and add songs as per their choice, with the songs that has the most votes being played next.

Select songs that are appropriate for the occasion

Your party must have theme-appropriate music. For instance, heavy metal is not suitable for cocktail or dinner parties, which are more suited to mellow tracks that allow you to hold a conversation with your guests.

But if your aim is to get people on the dancefloor. You should make a playlist using the most popular dancefloor fillers, like “Closer” by the Chainsmokers ft. Halsey.

Throw in some new music

Your audience will always appreciate a few surprise tracks thrown in, so long as you add them sparingly between the better known chart toppers.

You can also use Find What You Like’s Listen Together App with your guests taking turns on picking the next track.

Skip a track when necessary

Audiences don’t appreciate over played tracks. So if your audience does not appreciate a particular artist, genre, or track, simply switch it, and allow your guests to choose the next one. This is more applicable for late in the night, when guests start to prefer chill out music so they can relax instead of partying hard.

So with these tips, you can now keep that next get-together or party in one piece – well, musically anyway.

But there is one thing you can definitely do to keep everyone at your party happy and that is to try Find What You Like’s Listen Together App by clicking here, which allows all your guests to be the DJ! Ensuring that there will no more fights over the songs that will be played, since everyone gets to decide the tracks and listen together!

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