iPhone 6s – Stellar Refinements to a Snazzy Device

As you probably know by now, the Apple’s iPhone 6s went on sale this past Friday. As you also probably know, it looks nearly identical to the iPhone 6 of last year. That’s okay, though, because Apple has made some stellar refinements that separate the iPhone 6s from previous generations. The changes may not seem dramatic, but they are a big push in a new direction and once again make Apple a major innovator of the industry.

iPhone 6s – Design and Features

Like I said above, the iPhone 6s looks almost the exact same. It weighs just a tad bit more because of new screen technology, but that’s really the only difference. This is neither a surprise nor a disappointment. I’m still a fan of the iPhone 6’s design. Apple also doesn’t typically do radical design changes on “s” years (actually, they very rarely do radical design changes at all). The new model does have a rose gold version though, and it looks pretty snazzy. That means the display is still lagging behind the competition. It hasn’t even upgraded to full HD yet. All of the changes this year, minus that pretty rose gold, are all under the hood and on the software front.iPhone 6S

Probably the biggest new feature of the iPhone 6s is the incorporation of 3D touch.

This is a twist on Apple’s Force Touch tech that has been seen in the latest versions of Mac computers. 3D Touch can recognize specific amounts of pressure, and reacts accordingly. In iOS 9 (which will launch natively on the iPhone 6s), users can gently touch the icon of any app, such as Camera and Messages, and a quick menu will come up with common features. For the camera, you can quickly access the front-facing camera for a quick selfie. Lightly hold the icon over the Phone app to quickly call favorite contacts. The technology will also let you take glimpses of messages and emails without entirely opening them.

This will also be great for new apps on the phone, as displayed by developers at the event. 3D Touch will create new interfaces and amazing new features for mobile games and apps.

Apple has also incorporated a new photo mode called Live Photos. A live photo is taken like a regular photo (and is set as the standard mode in the new camera), and it records the moment 1.5 seconds before and after the actual capture of the photo. This creates a little snippet, a brief peak into that time, that actually seems really cool. Supposedly, it doesn’t take much more space than a regular photo, but can instantly add more value. It may not be for everyone, but it looks pretty cool. Its like the moving pictures from Harry Potter.

Specs, Battery, and Camera

As always, the iPhone 6s comes packed with the latest A9 chip. In benchmark tests, it obviously exceeds those of last year, but it also comes into surprising striking range of the Galaxy S6. In previous years, iPhones have never really stacked up to their major competitor, but that is nearly irrelevant since apps and games on iOS are usually more stable anyway. The new A9 chip should really help those wanting to play games with crazy graphics. Sadly, though, the new processor is really the only major spec boost. The phone still comes starting at 16 GB, which is depressing considering the rest of the competition has moved on to 32 GB standards.

The battery is also disappointing. I mean, it runs just as well compared to any of the competition, but that isn’t saying much. If Apple really wants to wow us next year, they should really enhance their battery.

After a couple of years being stuck with an 8 MP shooter, I’m sure iPhone fans everywhere rejoiced at the sound of an upgraded camera… even if it isn’t that huge of an upgrade. The iPhone 6s comes with a 12 MP camera. It also has enhanced sensors that are better for capturing images in low-light situations and the colors seem very natural. It looks really nice, even compared to cameras with higher mega pixels like the Galaxy S6 and Sony Xperia Z4.

iPhone 6SThe new camera will also be able to record in 4K. That’s pretty stellar, especially those who want to use their phone for videos. Apple has demoed a 4K video filmed on the iPhone 6s, and it looks pretty stellar. It’s a pretty nice feature (even if the display can’t display the full quality of it).

The Verdict

The iPhone 6s may not look that different from last year, but quite a bit has changed underneath that surface. 3D Touch is a pretty amazing feature that could easily become a standard in the smartphone industry. It doesn’t have some features other competitors have, like higher resolution displays or more storage, but it has made some real innovations that are sure to please all of the company’s fans.

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