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If you are an android user, chances are that you do loads of things with your device. You take hundreds of photos and keep tons of audio/video songs, movies and documents; that is to say you use your smartphone the smart way. But still you are human and prone to making mistakes and what if some of your favorite photos get accidentally deleted? Or some freak incident deletes your important document? Your smartphone then becomes the dumbest device ever… unless you could restore it.

Let’s talk about Dumpster – the answer to easy restoration.


Dumpster – The Good Side

The app sports a clean and beautiful user interface and does what it claims to do. You can also preview the common file types likes jpg, mp4 and mp3 etc. directly from the app before deciding whether to permanently delete or restore the file.

Supports sorting along date, size, type and name. The files that you delete from your device are arranged according to the file types. You can choose to view only the photos, videos, mp3s, documents or other file types. This comes handy when you want to bulk restore all your deleted photos.

There is also an option to lock the app using PIN if you purchase the premium version for less than $2.

The app is not a battery hog.

There is also an option to auto clean the long deleted stuffs. Things that remain in the Dumpster for more than your specified duration will automatically get erased taking the pain away from you.


Dumpster – The Bad Side

The constant ads are a bit itchy presented in the form of just another file.

Since the app needs to load in the background frequently for its seamless working, you may notice a slight slowdown of your device.

Few uncommon file types are not identified by the app. In our tests, though, the app was able to trace the most common file types like jpeg, png, mp3, mp4, pdf, doc, xls, ppt, zip, txt, apk etc. It failed to show results for.exe, .config and .nomedia etc file types.



Dumpster is really the one of its kind in the Play Store. You get a perfect recycle bin app for your everyday mistakes and it obediently keeps track of your deleted (deliberate or accidental) items. The alternatives, very few already, support little file types to be of any practical use. You will certainly not be tempted to keep an app installed that just restores your photos or your uninstalled apps.

There is no such app available for iOS and WP. However there is an option in iOS 8, where the task can be done partly. i.e only deleted photos can be restored. And that’s a default update;  no third party app involved.

For this:
* Open “photos”
* Goto “Albums”
* Goto “recently deleted”
* Select the photo from there and press “recover”. And you are done.



If you are looking for an app similar to Recycle Bin in Windows or Trash Can in Mac, Dumpster is the thing you need. Boasting to be the single most feature-rich contender in this field, the app is a pleasure to use and creates a fan for itself out of you. It should rule the Store as a Hero until Android rolls out a default feature in its future upgrades.


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