Best Parcel Forwarding Services for International Shoppers

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Canada, Asia & Pacific Parcel Forwarders

AUS Freight Forwarder

AUS Freight Forwarder AUSFF

Australia Freight Forwarder gives an Australian address in Sydney. Their plans come with a price tag but they do have a promo in which you simply put in a code and your trial begins. The free storage days begin at 7 and go up till 60… And, if you sign up for their address via us, you get $10 AUD towards your shipment. Do keep in mind that none of the plans are on a recurring basis; each plan has a 30-day validity. One interesting thing they claim in their assisted purchase service is that they can be asked for various services like gift certificates, student loans, credit card payments, internet services, subscriptions, memberships, utility bills and electronic downloads. But you better contact them first and inquire. You can get in touch with the reps via phone, email, Skype and the contact form. They don’t advertise their email for some reason but they have mentioned their email address on their pricing page. Their reps are very good but just keep in mind that their prices are in AUD and not USD and henceforth their office/warehouse timings are also in a different time zone.

Canadian Address

Canadian Address

The website may put you off in the beginning, but the person behind it is very legit. You get an address in Quebec, Canada for $20 CAD which is just a one-time fee. You also get 30 days of free storage but there are charges for other services like every incoming package is $10, every letter is $2 and every scan is $3. CanadianAddress ship parcels worldwide but for now, they only accept payments via PayPal. They use UPS, FedEx, DHL, Aramex and CanadaPost to ship items. You can read their reviews on their company page at Google+. You can contact them via email or phone and the response time is very good!


oupostsvcOut Post SVC

OutPostSVC gives addresses in 4 regions. The usual US address is in Texas, as an added bonus you also get UK address, a Russian address in Moscow and lastly an address in Shenzhen, China. Wow, right? Okay, so the signup is free and there is no monthly charge as well. You get 45 days of free storage with is very good and they accept both parcels and mail. You get 1 free picture per package but if you want more, then that is going to cost you. Speaking of cost, they accept all major credit cards but no PayPal. Alternatively, you can send money via wire transfer, money order or cheque. They have personal shopper service but the fee is 5% for online purchases and 7.5% for in-store purchases and you have to contact them first about it. On a side note which is also a sad note, they have no reviews and no (declared) phone number to call. They don’t seem to be active on twitter or Facebook since 2013. But, they can be reached via online live chat, offline message and emails of course. And, if you do end up in a pickle, let us know in the comments below and we’ll give you their contact number.

SOS Mail Solutions

sos mailSOS Mail Solutions

SOS Mail gives a free address in Queensland, Australia and if you want unlimited days of free storage… then you should definitely get an address with them. That’s right, unlimited days of storage space. They cater to businesses, mails, and parcel. Their services are explained better in their about section so do read up on that because their business solution offers photocopying/printing, fax forwarding, banking & virtual assistant services. They charge for consolidation of parcels and only under special conditions do they offer personal shopper service. They ship via DHL, FedEx, and Australia Post and, they accept payments via PayPal, direct deposits and wire transfers only. They also provide a sample account so you can see how things work and look, but you need to email them first for them to give you special access. You can contact them via phone, email, contact form, fax etc.



Opas offers their users two addresses; one in Osaka, Japan and another in Oregon, US. You have the option of choosing between 3 plans. You get 30 days of free storage with their plans and you can check these plans for further details. They currently accept all credit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB. They also accept PayPal. You will need to contact them if you are interested in international money order or international wire transfer. Their consolidation fee is based on membership level. The basic ‘Package Only’ account has a $10 flat fee, but their ‘Premium Package & Mail’ account offers free consolidation. Also, note their service caters to the USunlocked card which we have discussed in our virtual debit card post.

Aussie Mail Man

Aussie Mail Man

AussieMailMan is a mail and parcel forwarding service giving you a PO Box address in Sydney, Australia but, for snail mail and very small parcels only. They can forward your mail and parcels to you anywhere in the world. There is no setup fee or a monthly fee but if you are going to use them then there are two plans; standard and gold. You can either forward your mail as is or have it scanned and view it directly from your online dashboard. They ship parcels and mails via Australia Post and accept payments via Checks, credit cards, PayPal and direct deposits. You can contact them via phone, SMS, email and/or fax. They have extra services available as well, so do get in touch with them if you have specific requests such as check deposit etc.

Shop And Ship

Shop And Shipshop-and-ship2

ShopandShip is powered by Aramex. They have a signup fee of $45 but in return they give 15 shipping addresses all over the world! They do not ship items everywhere, but to only 46 countries. They claim to ship to 52 countries but that’s not the case in reality. There is no free storage because they don’t do consolidation; they ship items as they arrive. If you ship certain items, they give you $10 towards shipping. They give addresses in the US, the UK, China, Turkey, UAE, India, South Africa, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Singapore, Canada, and Malaysia. We have covered US, UK, EU, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Canada, and China address providers but for the other countries, you can get those from ShopandShip. This service is not claimed on SiteJabber, you can, however, go ahead read that one unhappy review that was written 2 years ago. But you will notice that someone in our comments section has come forward and said that he is ‘extremely happy with them’, so that should account for a recent review and the person also says that he has been using them for over a year now. There is no contact number to call for questions and clarifications (till you have signed-up). Alternatively, they are on Twitter, so please use the handle @shopandship (and you will find their email address mentioned there as well).

Have you used any other parcel forwarding service that you are happy with? Mention the name below in comments & your experience with them, and after vetting them myself, I’ll add it to this list [in the next update].

On a side note, please read our listicle if you need help getting a Prepaid Debit Card or USA Phone Number or want to make an international money transfer.

Last updated: May ’17




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Reginald Anim

hello please what is the best forwarding service for sending tvs to ghana for cheap



I only want to buy cosmetics and get them delivered to the UK. Very good variety of companies so far, but which is the best to suit my needs?

Thank you and I await your response.

Egor Razumovskiy
Hi Guys! You ask a lot of great questions, and you’re right, it’s usually difficult to find a package forwarding service that perfectly fits an individual’s needs. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to – we’re a new package & mail forwarding service located in Delaware,… Read more »
Michael McHugh
Hi Everyone. I have been using one of the freight forwarders above for work. My first shipments contents was worth about 1500 EURO – the freight charge was going to be about 400 euro as the contents was over 100 euro! Can anyone recommend a service that will deal with… Read more »
Tim Hiskiks

I have used in the past, I think they can handle parcel forwarding for that amount. They are really good.

Buy From Japan

If you need to Buy From Japan, then find us!!


For Europe or more specifically Italy I would advise this one, you can even whatsapp them which is quite cool.

Just an FYI for Americans working abroad who want to use Shipito… they can be quite bad if you need to sent letters within the United States itself. I use a Shipito address in California as my primary mailing address, and sometimes I have to forward letters I receive to… Read more »

What is the best service overall ??


Does anyone know a safe and secure parcel service that can ship items from USA to Iran? I am having a tough time.

Helder Abreu
Hello. I’m using Shipito because they have DPD shipping option. The package goes from US to UK, I pay the UK customs in Shipito site and then the package go to my home in Portugal. But their support is so bad, they lost 2 items after a split package for… Read more »
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