Best Encrypted Email Providers for Online Privacy

Emails are a huge part of our lives, especially in the world of business. And to think that mischief mongers could spread malware or spyware through emails is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine. Imagine all that sensitive information in the wrong hands. *shudders*

So, are your emails safe from prying eyes? The unfortunate answer is no – unless you’re using an encrypted email service that keeps your personal data from being misused and your privacy intact.

This is also a vital step in digital immunization.

If you are under the impression that your emails are safe, then you’re wrong. While they are protected via password, they are not encrypted.

Not sure what an encrypted email provider is? Allow us to explain.

What is an Encrypted Email Provider?

Secure email service providers have certain features designed specifically to keep your emails safe from prying eyes. You can yes buy VPN and add a layer of security but that is not real encryption.

This is usually done by end-to-end encryption, which in simple terms means that no third-party can decipher the content of your emails. So, from sender to recipient, you can rest easy knowing no one else can see what you’re sending.

Now, all that’s left to ask is, how does one choose the best email encryption provider? 

You have to look for an email account that offer PGP Encryption, a transport layer security, encrypted communication, if possible then HIPAA Compliant Email provider and TLS encryption. You also need to make sure the email service provider you pick has mobile apps, offer a full feature free trial so you can test them out or if not this, then definitely a free plan so you can find your way around the interface.

Lastly, make sure they offer some for of money-back guarantee because you don’t want to be stuck with a provider that you has a problem.

Now, we’ve done the hard bit and have handpicked some of the best encrypted email provider for your business or even personal use. Let’s dive in!

Mailbox secure email encryption

Privately funded and based in Germany, ensures your privacy right from the beginning. Not only do they provide spam and virus protection, no data is lost once you close your browser window.

From encrypted emails and encrypted files on your cloud storage with your personal PGP key, to secure conferences with up to 10 participants, takes your privacy very seriously. Are you a goldfish when it comes to remembering all your tasks for the day? We know we are! has got you covered. Their handy dandy task planner ensures you’ll never forget any important appointments and dates again!

With three paid plans, offers customers the option of discussion threads, push notifications, permanent or expirable links to share files from your Drive, address books to manage your personal and work contacts and grant guests access to individual files or folders to make working with colleagues all the easier! With everything in one place, justifies its place on this list!

Private Mail

Encrypted email provider

Up next, we’ve got PrivateMail, offering customers a great user experience without sacrificing their privacy. With this encrypted email provider, you can get secure access to your files from any browsing website and can import your encryption key on any device to ensure utmost security wherever, whenever.

With two paid plans to choose from, a standard plan and their pro version, PrivateMail allows you to sync your mobile device to your PrivateMail calendar, which means you never have to miss an important date again! If you’re not comfortable syncing your calendar, you’ll be pleased to know that PrivateMail respects your privacy and gives you the option to disable this feature. No strings attached!

Apart from providing email security, PrivateMail allows you to share streaming media files with friends and family securely from any browsing site and enables you to share files with end-to-end encryption. In addition, you can rest easy knowing that PrivateMail never stores any of your data or keys on their servers, making them a stellar option!

Proton Mail

Proton Mail

Established in 2013 in Switzerland, Proton Mail has arguably become one of the leading email encryption providers today. With their firm belief that privacy is a right and not a luxury, apart from their three different plans, Proton is also available for free, with fewer features. 

Not only does Proton protect your privacy based on Swiss privacy laws and neutrality, their end-to-end encryption ensures that your data remains yours. They’ve got a ton of features, including storing encrypted contact details, the option to clutter-free your inbox with a single tap, an optimized keyboard to make things go faster and smoother and they also offer the option to use desktop clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail all while benefiting from Proton’s secure end-to-end encryption.

If you thought that was all, you’re in for a real surprise! Proton went one step ahead of its rivals and made writing, reading and organizing emails extremely easy! Not only do you hold the power to control what happens to your data, but you can also unsend emails, auto-reply to emails, and get alerts when there’s a typo or a missing attachment.


posteo secure email encryption

Offering a convenient webmail interface, Posteo, an email encryption provider based in Germany is another great option for anyone looking to protect themselves from prying eyes. Posteo offers customers a comprehensive system for encryption, two-factor authentication and data protection, all with a single click of a button!

Much like its competitors, Posteo makes life simple by allowing you to sort your contacts into groups, send out group emails, create and edit entries on different devices on your calendar and share it with others, mark emails to find them when you need them quickly and the list pretty much goes on!

Standard email accounts come with 2 GB storage; however, you can increase it up to 20 GB for 0.25 EUR/month per gigabyte. Apart from their highly efficient spam and virus filter, Posteo also happens to have a very friendly and responsive support team that answers queries via email.  With all these features and so much more to offer, Posteo is definitely one of the most secure email encryption providers in the market!


encrypted email service

Next in line, with over two million customers, Tutanota, has quite the hype in the market and rightfully so. Not only does Tutanota enable secure emails and end-to-end encrypted communications, it also protects you from third-party members including Tutanota themselves.

With three paid plans and a free version to choose from, you can save a ton of time and bucks by hosting all your business emails on Tutanota’s end-to-end encrypted servers. Much like most of the email encryption service providers we’ve seen above, Tutanota too provides a calendar feature which enables encrypted groupware solutions. Their easy to use and navigate web interface and vision of enabling customers to use the cloud without having to give away personal data gives Tutanota its rightful place on this list!


XYZ email encryption

Having been in business for almost 13 years in Canada, Thexyz is highly focused when it comes to securing your emails and ensuring your privacy. They allow you to format your emails in any way you want, whether that’s rich text formatting or HTML. In addition, Thexyz enables customers to create multiple personal and shared contact lists, import them from other programs and have them stored all in one place.

With features such as keyboard shortcuts, automatic replies at certain times when your out of office, customisable email signatures, work together in groups, fast migration tools to transfer mailbox data in real time, task lists to keep track of dates and details, and the option to import existing calendars from Microsoft Outlook, Thexyz truly offers customers everything from A to Z!

Thexyz left no leaf unturned when it came to ensuring user friendliness, they offer translations in 11 languages, have 24/7 customer support and have a great mobile app, what more would you want! You’ll also be pleased to know that you also have the option to upgrade your domain to 30GB cloud drive for greater storage space!


secure email provider

Last but definitely not the least is Startmail, a secure email provider that offers customers a smooth and highly responsive interface that works on mobile devices as well. Startmail provides everything you’d ever want an encryption service to offer, hidden IP addresses, malicious link protection and blocking tracking pixels.

If you can’t access their site, turn on your VPN.

Startmail allows you to encrypt your emails with one click PGP, ensuring only your recipient reads your message, and lets you train your own personal and private spam filter.

Unfortunately, Startmail doesn’t have a free version, but they do offer a 30-day trial period for which you can add your credit card details, PayPal account or even pay for your subscription anonymously using Bitcoin, with an email storage option of up to 10GB.

Encrypted Email Providers – The Only Way Forward

In a world where incidents identity theft and cybercrimes are rising with each passing day, it’s becoming increasingly more important to take your safety into your own hands. Here we rounded up some tried and tested encrypted email services that are bound to keep you safe from snooping meddlers.

When choosing your best fit, it’s important to keep your budget, goals and requirements in mind. That being said, have you made up your mind yet or are you still on the fence? Let us know in the comments below!

Till then, stay safe, it’s a scary world out there!

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