Keep Everyone Happy at Your Party with this Playlist App

You can try putting together a party playlist with the help of your friends, or better still, try Find What You Like’s Listen Together App to build a fantastic party playlist! The app allows users to vote for and add songs as per their choice, with the songs that has the most votes being played next. Pretty awesome, yah?

Best Online Invoicing Services for Small Businesses

The growth of the online business market is bringing many changes. Different companies on the Internet now offer some financial services that used to be provided only by banks. One of the most practical advancements for modern business owners and freelancers are online invoicing services. They enable businesses to create, deliver and accept invoices in a second, as well as use other business accounting software features. Although you can choose from a wide range of invoice software solutions, not all of them are reliable…

Shop at Amazon Like a US Resident [How to]

Gone is the frustration of being locked out of Amazon due to the “Sorry, this item can’t be shipped to your selected address.” message. Gone are the days of guesstimating at international shipping prices while you’re standing at the Amazon checkout counter. Why? Because there’s an app for it now.

How to Recover an OST Data File Using OST Recovery

OST Recovery is an application that makes OST recovery and conversion to PST files a breeze. Unlike many similar applications, this is NOT a command-based application and can be managed by a novice user as well. This application can be extremely useful if your organization is using MS Exchange platform or your old organization had MS Exchange platform and all you have is an orphan OST file which has now become inaccessible. This software very efficiently solves the inaccessibility issues using the conversion facility which…