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As a parent, you no doubt want to keep your kids safe and be aware of their location 24/7.

This could be accomplished in one of two ways; you could either follow your children around and watch them like a hawk, or give them some means of technology that allows you to monitor their location remotely. The latter is a more feasible option, and many parents are giving their children “smart watches” for this precise reason.

The problem with these child friendly smart watches though, is that they offer no value to the kid. Sure it’s great for parents, but if your child doesn’t want to wear it then that kind of defeats the purpose. Meet AmbyGear, a new smart watch for kids on the block which will be coming out later this year. It is designed with both kids and parents in mind, offering fun games and activities for children and advanced security measures for parents. Let’s take a look at what this funky time piece has to offer.

AmbyGear For KidsAmbyGear kids smartwatch

What separates AmbyGear from other smart watches is its emphasis on children’s activities. While it does have many safety features (more on those later), it has a number of games and activities designed for children so that they, among other things, are encouraged to actually wear the watch. These games are designed to be educational as well as keep your child active. It also has a GPS locator so that your child can find you whenever they need you. AmbyGear also comes in several bold colors so that you can buy one that matches your child’s personality.

AmbyGear For Parents

Of course, it isn’t all about the kids. AmbyGear comes with several security features that will certainly put parental fears to rest. One of the best things about the watch is that it is always connected regardless of cellular coverage. From the AmbyGear app (available on Android/iOS), users can see their child’s location and send their child text messages. It also has a geofencing option, which will inform users when their children leave a certain location. There is even a tamper alert, which will let the parent know if and when the watch is removed.

AmbyGear also has a reward system which helps parents reward their children for certain activities. Couple that with its customizable options, a seven day battery life, shock resistance, water resistance and great security features, and AmbyGear has created a watch that is certainly hard to beat.


AmbyGear is at the very least something worth a try. Unlike other child friendly smart watches like the vTech Kidizoom or the FiLIP, AmbyGear is designed with both the parents and children in mind. It has a number of downloadable games and activities to keep children busy and learning, it rewards them for staying active, and it has a variety of options to match their personal style. For parents it has a number of security measures to keep kids safe, plus it is always connected no matter what. That all makes for a pretty epic kids smart watch. Best of all, AmbyGear won’t cost you a whole lot either. It is currently available for pre-order for $99, and it is expected to launch sometime in September of this year.

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