Facebook Launching A Fantastical News Feed on Thursday

Facebook has finally decided that old is boring and once in a while change is necessary, in this case, 7 years.ht_facebook_new_look_kb_130301_wg

This Thursday according to TechCrunch, Facebook “plans to launch new ways to filter the news feed. These include a Photos feed of Facebook and Instagram photos, as well as a revamped Music feed of what friends are listening to, concerts, and new albums, according to multiple sources both within and close to Facebook. Larger images and image-based ads in the web and mobile feeds are coming too.

According to two different sources buttons located at the top of the feed below the search box will let users switch to view one of the different feeds at a time.

I know that since photo are a way of communication and so are words, duh, so what Facebook is looking for is giving the option to users to spread news in two ways – via images and through words. Especially now that Facebook has acquired Instagram, this will make the integration of the company into Facebook more pronounced. Photos have long been its most popular content type, but one that’s been underutilized without a dedicated feed, so this could be a huge win for Facebook. Instagram showed the power of photos alone, and the new Facebook Photos feed could get people browsing for hours.

Few sources have said that Music feed will also be featured. It will show what friends have been listening to on services like Spotify, and Rdio, as well as upcoming nearby gigs, concerts, recently released albums, posts by musicians that users Like, and suggest and subscribe to.

If you know more about what Facebook is brewing up for tomorrow’s event, leave a comment below.

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