Rumor Mill: Galaxy IV to Feature Android Key Lime Pie

Just yesterday the rumor mill churned and told us about iWatch, now here we are talking about Galaxy IV.

According to the rumors, Samsung is going to launch its flagship phone, Galaxy IV, in second quarter of next year.

Galaxy IV


The handset I rumored to be equipped with Android’s latest or shall we say upcoming version named “Key Lime Pie”. Regarding this bit, you should know that some time back a Google employee, Manu Cornet confirmed the new Android version’s name

Buzz is, Samsung is now actively preparing for the Galaxy S IV with the S Pen Stylus functionality and the said device is believed to debut before the end of April next year, which doesn’t really become Q2 but this is to
be expected because it is after all a rumor.

Meanwhile, a leading technology and gadgets news site has a very interesting report on the possible features and specs of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV. You really don’t want to miss that site’s spicy report here.

All the buzz and rumors surrounding the new Samsung Galaxy S IV may or may not come true and anybody should not really take those rumors too seriously at this point in time.

Samsung Galaxy S IV Features and Specs (Rumored)

  • Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie) OS
  • Quad-core Exynos 5440 processor (with 28nm high-K metal gates)
  • 5-inch 1080p Grand AMOLED display with a pixel density of 441 ppi
  • 13MP rear-facing autofocus camera with flash
  • Will be using the S Pen stylus technology
  • A new 9.2mm thick body
  • Will make use of flexible screen technology
  • Comes loaded with Samsung Premium Suite
  • Will also utilize an advanced Projection laser keyboard
  • Maybe launched on or before the 2013 Mobile World Congress (MWC)


Of course, these Samsung Galaxy S IV features and specs are still speculations at this time, but hey, I’m happy to share this to all our loyal readers and beloved fans around the world. I also believe that you’re now reading in front of you the most current rumors for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV.


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