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Best Parcel Forwarding Services for International Shoppers [UPDATE 4]

Want to shop from Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, BestBuy and get the parcels delivered right to your doorstep no matter where you live? TechVise has accumulated some of the best parcel forwarding services that help international shoppers get their parcels delivered

Last updated: Apr ’15

We all know about the restrictions of Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Apple Store and even Google Store. But there are thousands more out there just like these… they have shipping as well as payment restrictions. Some don’t want to accept our credit cards while others simply say we accept PayPal only!Delivery man with parcel box

We have already talked about how one can get a decent payment solution in our post of Virtual Debit Cards and we have also covered how to  buy items from Google Play Store which is a completely different ball game altogether but here we will focus on getting the parcels forwarded to you from websites that don’t allow shipping outside US or UK.

How Parcel Forwarding Services Really Work

These services simply give you a US address or in some cases EU and Japan address also when you sign up with them which is sometimes free (be sure to read the FAQ). All you need to do is ship your purchased items to that address from the online store and once the forwarding service receives your items they will forward those parcels to your destination address. Bear in mind that there is shipping cost but you can always calculate it before hand and almost always track it.

And now for the list of parcel forwarding services.


Borderlinx gives you a free account. With them you get 2 different shipping addresses which you can use while online shopping; one for UK in Daventry  and the other for US in Dayton, Ohio. Their main courier is DHL which as we all know is very reliable. Their parcel forwarding service also includes repackaging and consolidating multiple packages to save you money. They don’t cater to a lot of countries and to be specific they ship to only 60 countries, so be sure to check if your destination country is listed with their service or not. You can calculate the estimated cost, track your shipping, and check your items in the waiting list. They hold your parcels for 30 days free of charge but after that they apply a certain fee to extend it for another 30 days. For more information you can always check out the website, or its FAQ. They accept payments for parcel forwarding via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Cash U for some countries.


Stackry is a free and highly recommended parcel forwarding service. The address Stackry provides is in New Hamshire, Nashua which is tax free. They also offer personal shopper services at 8% of the total price + $10 for each online store. They accepts payments via Skrill, PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, Amex and wire transfer. They ship everywhere and consolidate items as well. If you want they can provide you with pictures of your shipment with an extra cost but there is no cost if your items are kept in their stack for 45 days. Their customer support is prompt and being a user of their services I know they are very reliable. Stackry‘s preferred carriers are FedEx, DHL and USPS and they all provide tracking facility as well. All the text links provided here are personalised Stackry referrers which means you get a 10$ discount on the first shipment after you signup. If you want your snail mail delivered to their address, you will need to confirm first. If you still wish to know what users have to say then do check the reviews on Jabber.


Forward2Me has a joining fee, I know, sad right, but its £2 plus VAT and after that they don’t charge any monthly or yearly fee. You get two slightly different addresses; one which includes basic insurance and the other one with enhanced insurance. Although they claim to, but they don’t ship globally, where other services ship to 220 countries, Forward2Me ships to 182 countries (approx), so make sure you double check your destination country before sending them your joining fee. They offer 30 days of free storage space which can extend if and only if you speak to them first. They ship via DHL, TNT, Royal Mail and Parcel Force and accept payments via PayPal, Credit Card, Sage Pay, Moneybookers/Skrill and Bank Transfer. Their personal shopper service charges £15 or 10% of the value of the goods, whichever is the greater. Forward2Me has other plus points like packing and shipping dangerous goods such as Perfumes, Batteries, Aerosols and Flammables. But please get in touch to ask if your item can be shipped to your country or not. You can also use their service of Supermarket Shopping which allows you to order directly from the British supermarket website of your choice and enjoy HUGE savings over specialist expat food shops. Their support response time varies from 5 hours to 48 hours, so if you dont get a reply in 5-6 hours, pick up the phone and make sure their business hours have begun.


USgoBuy gives you a tax free US address in Portland, Oregon and they don’t charge for storage till 90 days are up. There is no charge in consolidation or for repackaging. They offer 7 free photos a month for your parcels. They are only a parcel forwarding service and do not cater to snail mail forwarding. Currently USgoBuy ships via USPS, DHL and FedEx and accept payments via PayPal, Credit Cards, Webmoney and My E-wallet to pay shipping fee online. Just for your info, there are only two ways to charge the E-wallet, one is Western Union and the other is Wire Transfer. And you can use most credit cards through your PayPal account, including American Express, MasterCard, Discover and Visa. You can also withdraw the money back to your PayPal account or Webmoney account.

UK PostBoxUK Postbox

This is one of a kind service. UK PostBox are the leading online postal service that caters to people who don’t reside on UK shores. They also have business solutions for those who want to trade in the UK from far. With that being said, UK PostBox gives you a UK mailing address with total control from anywhere in the world. You not only have full control of your postal mail through their secure account but you can manage your mail in real time, both receiving and forwarding parcels from wherever you maybe. Signup is free but in order for them to comply with legal requirements, every new user has to verify personal details upon registration of UK Postbox accounts. This is a quick process too because I myself went through it in order to check how lengthy it was, and it wasn’t. They provide PO Box locations in Poole, London, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff, Birmingham and Belfast. UK PostBox provides 4 plans; PayG, Lite, Standard and Premier and you can pay for services with a debit/credit card, or PayPal. There is also the option of bank transfer. They use USPS, Royal Mail, DHL and ParcelForce to forward all items. You can also see their extensive FAQ which is very informative and useful.


NYBox advertises that they give an address in NewYork but in reality they give two addresses, the other one is offered in Delaware which is a tax-free zone. They offer two plans; the standard account has no monthly fee but the premium account (for a minimum of 3 months) is offered at $15 each or $150 a year. With NYBox you get 30 days of free storage and they can keep your packages for a maximum of 65 days, premium or standard account – this rule applies to both accounts. With premium account however you get full access to services such as scanning and emailing your letters, free package consolidation, and unbeatable shipping rates. They accept payments via VISA, MasterCard, and AmEx cards as well as PayPal payments, Western Union and wire transfers (availability of payment options depends on your country of course). Also note that payments sent via Western Union or wire transfers may incur additional fees. They claim to offer 7 days a week of Live Customer Support and ship via DHL, FedEx and USPS.


With WannitUS parcel forwarding service you get a free tax free US mailing address in New Jersey with a no-hidden-fee agenda, every amount is mentioned upfront. Facilities of personal shopper, package forwarding and free 14-day consolidation is all available. Make sure you view the services fee section to get an idea of their upfront charges. There is a bit of conflict in the free storage facility because in their Terms of Services it states a 14 day free of cost storage whereas in the FAQ they claim to give 30 day free storage space. So if you decide to open an account with this service, make sure you have them spell it out in writing/email about the correct number of “free of cost storage space”. They accept online payments through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Note that the address they provide can be used for USunlocked Card discussed in our post for virtual debit cards.


Opas gives users two addresses; one in Osaka, Japan and another in Oregon, US for a cost of $25. You can check their plans for details. They also waive away $100 towards your first shipment if you switch from another service. They are always running promos so make sure you like their Facebook pages to get updated info on that. They currently accept all credit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB. They also accept Paypal. You will need to contact them if you are interested in international money order or international wire transfer. There is a consolidation fee for some packages and a 30 day of free storage after that however there is a cost. Also note their service caters to USunlocked card which we have discussed in our virtual debit card post.


They give you a tax free physical address in Miami Florida. Their disclaimer is that they are the leading cross border shopping facilitators in Latin America. They also have a special marketplace where you can get access to exclusive coupon codes and private sales to help you find the best prices for your US purchases. PuntoMio does not charge at signup and they accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery and Diners Club for payments. I did however fail to figure out if they consolidate packages or not but from the looks of it they dont offer it and henceforth there is no question of how many days of free storage they offer. Please do check out this factor before signing up if consolidation is important to you. Please note Puntomio caters to Latin American residents only.

There are plenty of other parcel forwarding services out there which you can check out. I’ll mention them here anyway so you can go directly to their page, no fuss no muss. There is ShipNex  |  ParcelBound  |  MyUS  |  ShoppingUSA   |   ComGateway   |   vPost   |   ShipiTo  |  BoxHop  |  ShippShop  |  VYKingship  |  ShipMatica  | ExpressFromUS  |  AirMailPost  |  ClevverMail  | AmForward

Do note that if you want shipping addresses in France, Germany or Luxembourg, please get addresses from Shopouch  | MyGermany  |  FrenchOffice   |  ColisExpat  (french language only) |  BMP Parcel Station

If you are in the market for an Australian Package Forwarding Address, I suggest you take a look at these services  SOS Mail  |  Aussie Mail Man   |  Buy4Me

Have you used any other service that you are happy with? Mention the name below in comments and after vetting them myself, I’ll add it to this list.


Last updated: Apr ’15

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  • I am from Finland(The EU country next to Sweden). I bought a lot of food stuff(British,American and Indian,for example pickles, jams, Nasquick milkshakes,ovaltine,Milo Chocolate milk,Basmati rice,biscuits,chocolates,baby pampers etc from Amazon UK until they withdrew their free supersaver delivery option.I am not aware of any American,British or even European retailer that ships free or low cost to my Finnish address. Some Chinese firms such as aliexpress, dhgate etc.ship free but I cannot buy food from them. Any good suggestion for my situation and how to benefit from such services that offer USA,UK,EU to Finland.Do you particularly recommend any such service?

    • Hasan,

      Perhaps you should give Forward2Me a glance… They have supermarket shopping. It wont have Indian stuff (maybe) but you can get in touch with them and ask. They have a very decent support staff. Quick too.

  • Good day Zahra… loved the write-up btw. I am looking for a central forwarding service. My company purchase a number of items from the UK, US, China and from other countries. It is usually small parcels. Mainly electronic parts and components. We would like it to be send via post to a centrally located post-box (maybe a world postage hub), then all need to be combined (lets say once a month) and send to us in Botswana via courier (e.g. DHL). Can you recommend a Co which does this? Can you make any other recommendations in this regard? Warm regards…

    • Hello Hendrik,
      Thank you for appreciating the post. I think that a centrally located address would have to be in UK and for that I’m vetting a service right now and will take upto 2 days for me to make an honest opinion about them. But you should consider making US and UK both your hubs. In any case, if its US – Then you can pick either of the following services (they all deliver to your country) Stackry, MyUS, UsgoBuy and even ParcelBound. As for UK, You should look into UK PostBox Hope this helps

  • Has anyone used IPS there website looks good but the reviews on line are pretty dreadful I live in Australia and looking at getting timber products sent from the USA so the parcels can be large and heavy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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