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Best Parcel Forwarding Services for International Shoppers [UPDATE 5]

Want to shop from Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, BestBuy and get the parcels delivered right to your doorstep no matter where you live? TechVise has accumulated some of the best parcel forwarding services from all over the world that help international shoppers get their parcels delivered

Last updated: Oct ’15

We all know about the shipping restrictions on Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Apple Store etc. They don’t just have package shipping restrictions but also payment restrictions; some don’t want to accept our credit cards while others simply say we accept PayPal only!

Parcel Forwarding ServiceWe have already talked about how one can get a decent payment solution in our post of Virtual Debit Cards and we have also covered how to buy items from Google Play Store of your choice, but here we will focus on getting the packages forwarded to you from websites that don’t allow shipping outside US or UK or the country of your choice.

How Parcel Forwarding Services Really Work

These services simply give you an address when you sign up with them. Once you have signed up with them, you can use that shipping address at Amazon, Ebay, BestBuy, stores etc to ship your purchases to your new address. Depending on the level of service they provide, the forwarding company will ship these purchases to you in your home country at your designated address.

And now for the list of parcel forwarding services in US, UK/EU region and Canada, Australia and Asia Pacific regions.

US Parcel Forwarding Services


Stackry is a free and highly recommended parcel forwarding service. The address Stackry provides is in Nashua, USA which is tax free. They also offer personal shopper services at 8% of the total price + $10 for each online store. Stackry accepts payments via Skrill, PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, Amex and wire transfer. They ship everywhere and consolidate items as well. If you want they can provide you with pictures of your shipment with an extra cost, test-out your items and of course, there is no cost if your items are kept in their stack for 45 days. Their customer support is prompt and being a user of their services I know they are very reliable. Stackry‘s preferred carriers are FedEx, DHL and USPS and they all provide tracking facility as well. All the text links provided here are personalised Stackry referrers which means you get a 10$ discount on the first shipment after you signup. If you want your snail mail delivered to their address, you will need to confirm first. If you still wish to know what users have to say then do check the reviews on SiteJabber.

MyUS MyUS parcel forwarding service

MyUS is one of the oldest parcel forwarders in the US. They give a US address in Florida, which means there will be taxes when shipping to this address. They have 3 types of accounts; a one-time account setup fee of $10 is taken for Standard membership, $20 for Premium membership and a $35 for Premium+Mail membership. With the standard package, you get 5 days of free storage whereas you get 30 days storage with the other two memberships. They provide a number of services including package consolidation, repackaging, personal shopper and receiving mail etc. There is also a 15% discount off your first shipment for TechVise readers. MyUS ships globally via DHL, FedEx and USPS and to pay for shipping, you can use your credit card, PayPal, check or do a wire transfer. They have a chat system in place for consumers who wish to be answered promptly, but this only works during US business hours. Also note that the address they provide is a partnered with USUnlocked card.

USGoBuy Parcel Forwarding

ShopfansShopfans parcel forwarding service

Shopfans give two free addresses in USA; one in Pennsylvania and another in Delaware. There is no monthly or yearly fee involved with Shopfans. When using their service, I found them always online and ready to help with any issue. Their support staff works according to the time zone for each delivery region they specialise in i.e. Australia, China, Brazil and Russia time – hence their chat is always online to help. This doesn’t mean you cannot use their service for deliveries to other countries but rather you will not get the shipping discounts they offer in select regions. You can store your parcels for 75 days but once they are consolidated into shipments, then you have 14 days of free storage. You should know that their consolidation is free, but purchase assistance is charged at 4.5% which is by far the lowest fee I have seen till now! Their FAQ are fairly simple and cover everything and you should definitely check out their prices as well. Though a bit slower than Stackry (everything seems to take 12 hours), they email you every time there is an update at their end, so you should check your junk mail, if you see status updates. They accept payments via PayPal, AliPay and credit card. There is a tedious process of getting your payment approved though however, since their support staff is online, you can message them to let them know you’ve paid so they can approve it quickly and your account balance is corrected. The pictures Shopfans took were pretty snazzy and their packaging was exceptional. They ship via DHL, FedEx and USPS but these vary by country. I only had USPS available and although it generally takes 6-12 days for them to deliver, my items arrived in 4 days – and that’s a record! They can be contacted via email, contact form and online chat.

Vyking Ship VykingShip

With Vyking Ship, you get a free account in Minnesota, USA where your mail and parcels can relax for 180 days at no cost to you. This is by far the only service which doesn’t come with asterisk and extra conditions to get 180 day of free storage. You don’t pay a dime to sign up and nor is there a monthly or yearly fee to get your hopes down. Their assisted shopping service is charged at 5% fee of total purchase price and you pay for this via PayPal only. They have quite a few services to offer and they all come for a reasonable fee. You can get your invoice and price-tags removed, more photos taken (1 is free and is automatically uploaded showing your parcel from outside so you can gauge the condition of your arriving parcel), customs declared, security tape added, expedite your processing, add package consolidation, repackage the parcels and ask for a custom request. In my experience, Vyking Ship‘s service was great and very much reliable. I had a few custom requests and had also asked for expedited processing so while I was online, their customer service rep got in touch with via online chat and walked me through my custom requests and gave me all the answers and clarifications that I had asked for regarding my items. Furthermore, he stayed online and walked me through the whole payment process and shipping, which I did not expect and in under 1 hour, my items were consolidated and I had my tracking number. So they truly go by their word and you can always check out what other users have to say about them. They accept payments via verified PayPal accounts, Western Union, Bank Wire Transfers and of course, all major credit cards. You can contact them via email, chat or phone number. They ship via FedEx and USPS and if you want DHL… you better contact them. Did I mention their reps are very fast in replying? Use our referral code 2193 during registration and get $5 USD off your first shipment.


BedaBox gives a free parcel forwarding address in the state of Florida, USA and also offer 30-days of free storage unit that accepts snail mail as well as parcels. Their assisted shopper costs you an 8% of the purchase price with the credit card fee included. BedaBox claims to handle everything between a toy car to an actual full-sized car, so if you are in the market for large items, then you can definitely use their service because they are equipped to handle huge shipments but remember to inform them in advance first. Their rating on sitejabber is pretty good and the BBA rating is quite high as well and I would second that because speaking from personal experience, the support-staff is very prompt and accommodating too. The web interface is simple to use and you don’t need an extra brain to understand how their dashboard works. If you still need help, want to ask questions or make requests, it can all be done via the dashboard. Additionally, they can be contacted via phone, email and an online form as well. And note, when they do reply you can see their contact numbers too so you can always give that very responder a call and get further clarification on something you missed. You can request for pictures via the dashboard or get invoices removed etc. or simply ship your parcel as. They prefer to ship items via USPS and DHL both. I didn’t see FedEx on their list when I used their service but one can never go wrong with DHL or USPS which is extremely reliable (even if the tracking is off by a few hours). BedaBox accepts payments via credit cards, PayPal, bank or wire transfer, personal checks or BitCoin. If you want to check out their great prices then do note that they don’t charge anything for consolidation, receiving items or the storage unit. If you sign-up via TechVise, you get $5 in your BedaBox account which you can use towards your future shipments.

USgoBuyUSgoBuy parcel forwarding service

USgoBuy gives you a tax free US address in Portland, Oregon and they don’t charge for storage till 90 days are up. There is no charge in consolidation or for repackaging. They offer 7 free photos a month for your parcels. They are only a parcel forwarding service and do not cater to snail mail forwarding. Currently USgoBuy ships via USPS, DHL and FedEx and accept payments via PayPal, Credit Cards, Webmoney and My E-wallet to pay shipping fee online. Just for your info, there are only two ways to charge the E-wallet, one is Western Union and the other is Wire Transfer. And you can use most credit cards through your PayPal account, including American Express, MasterCard, Discover and Visa. You can also withdraw the money back to your PayPal account or Webmoney account.

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USendHome gives a free address in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. No monthly or setup fee. They also don’t have a verification system which means that once you sign-up, you can start shipping them your items from online stores. They offer 30 days of free storage but there is a distribution; you get 10 days of free storage for a single parcel and once the parcels are consolidated, then you have another 20 days. You can read more about USendHome services and pricing but from my experience the only thing that struck me as expensive was their custom declaration fee. USendHome don’t cater to assisted shopping but their ‘customized service’ is pretty cool because with that you can ask them to test your items. I didn’t need to use this particular service but had I ordered a tracking device, I would have told them to test it out on a dog or a car. Their dashboard is fairly easy to understand and has a very minimal layout also. All the extra services can be ordered directly from the control panel and if you already know what you want to order, then you should order those from before because that way you save 20%. Their express checkout took about 30 minutes however if you don’t want express checkout then the average is also pretty good. USendHome accepts payments via PayPal and credit cards and they ship via TNT, FedEx and USPS. You can track your packages directly from your control panel. They also support Amazon calculator which gives you an estimated shipping rates for Amazon’s items in 1 click and automatic package tracking system. If you need to get in touch, the live chat is pretty quick and there is also email and an online form. You can check their reviews/testimonials on SiteJabber (and note their contact number from there) to verify their level of service. In my opinion it was very quick and very smooth. If you want an additional discount towards shipment the please insert the voucher code SHPOFF10 at checkout to get a further 10% off towards your first shipping.

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Shipito is a very popular service that gives you 3 addresses in US region and 1 in Europe. Their address giving rule is tricky so I’ll get to that bit a little later. They offer 24/7 live support, which is just awesome! Additionally they also have a contact number you can call and an email that they promptly reply with but generic answers. They give 90 days of free storage which is very rare and they also have a refund policy of 30 days. Now the tricky stuff; their address in Nevada gives you 180 days of free storage and this account is free but you can only get 1 package in this warehouse address which is very limiting, and, there is a $1 fee also to receive it! This so-called free account does need $5 deposit. I don’t know why they call it free, because its really not free (or hassle-free from any angle). Anyhow, the other two addresses you are given in this free (with asterisk) account are in California and Oregon. In the event that you want to go for a paid account with Shipito, then you also get the Europe account too which is in Austria and the charges are $10/Month. They offer 2 free pictures of the outside of the parcel and if you want the content pictures then you have to pay $2. They have express processing for $5 and personal shopper price starts at $8.50. They accept payments via credit cards, PayPal, bitcoin and wire transfer. They ship via DHL, FedEx, USPS, TNT and a few more. Additionally they have apps for iOS and Android devices too. I have not used their service and don’t plan to in the future because there a few things that just don’t add up and their chat reps didn’t know the answer as well.


ExpressFromUS offers two free addresses in Pennsylvania and Delaware, USA. They also have free consolidation, free repackaging and a 60 days offering in free storage. They do charge for pictures, incoming parcels, quality check, additional packaging material. You can see their full list of prices and their delivery methods directly on their website. You should note that while they give 60 days of free storage, once the parcels have been consolidated, you then have only 5 days before they start charging you. So you can collect your parcels for 60 days but once they are consolidated, you better ship them out fast. They accept all credit cards, PayPal, bank wire transfer, Western Union and MoneyGram for payment. Please note that you have to inform them in advance of all incoming parcels. They can be contacted via email, phone, online message but sadly no live chat as yet. You can however check out their reviews on SiteJabber.


AmForward gives a free US address in Oregon with 60+ days of free storage. They have 3 types of memberships; pay-per use, standard and premium. All the memberships are free to signup but only the pay-per-use plan has no monthly or yearly fee involved in it. The other two plans come with a fee. Per-per-use plan also offers 60 days of free storage whereas the other two offer a generous 75 and 90 days of free storage. They have the usual services which you have to pay for and hence can look up their pricing sheet and compare it to others out there. They offer free consolidation and from the looks of it (and the testimonials), they seem like a decent parcel forwarding service. They accept payments via credit cards and PayPal. They can ship to you using DHL, FedEx, USPS and UPS. If you want to get in touch, there is just one method: submit a ticket online.


Interested in getting UK and EU address? Read on, they are next or simply hop over to get address in Australia, Canada and Pacific region

Shipping Electronics from USA

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  • Hello. What of the services, can ship goods from “BestBuy” ? Is there is any service, that can redirect parcels inside U.S. ?

  • Zahra,

    A very informative article thank you. My name is Kar and I am the founder of UK Forwardvia.com which I believe was commented by you and your subscribers recently.

    First of all thank you for the feedbacks you and your subscribers made on the 11th Jan. Our Facebook page already has a good introduction and history about Forwardvia. I’ve taken step to include ‘About’ page on our website to introduce our company and services we offer. We take feedbacks seriously and always looking to improve in every way we can.

    I can confirm that Forwardvia is not affiliated with Aramex in any way, it is just by chance we have the same name! Forwardvia was incorporated last year under Shop and Ship Ltd registered in England and Wales. We have been providing parcel forwarding services as sole trader since 2013, first through friends and family, and then slowly expanding to members of public by recommendations. It was a gradual process, as we are a small, family run business that mainly focus on clients from the South East Asian countries. We are expanding aggressively, now covering 4 continents and are passionate about making cross border shopping easier and cheaper for all.

    Happy cross border shopping all!

  • I wanted a service similar to Stackry and USGoBuy based in the UK and that delivers to Pakistan. Stackry and USGoBuy allow you to enter the value of each item yourself. What UK parcel forwarding service with this option is the best out there?

  • Which service offer the best pricing from US to Norway?

    I will mostly be shopping online on Amazon, and the weight will be around 1-2 kg (2.2-4.4lbs).
    In Norway the minimum import tax-free value is set to 300 NOK (35$) including shipping.

  • I do my online shopping every now and then, buying small or few things. Is there a better option for someone like me?

    Casual online shopping
    Few things
    No heavy stuff

    I’ve noticed that some companies have very costly payment for very few things I bought, so please help me with your suggestions.

    • Hi Mona,

      If I were with you I’d go with Shipito.com
      Obviously I know that they are good because I have been their customer for over 6 months now and I’ve tested out their platform. I use their services to keep my business moving smoothly. They are basically perfect now for me. Plus they accept our suggestions and based on that they improve their systems is what I’ve noticed (I’m quiet a picky customer and I bother them when they don’t work up to their standards). I use their services heavily since recently and they’re really convenient. I will give you a few reasons on the top of my head:
      *FedEx delivery within US. Not USPS. FedEx is usually the cheapest, this is not the best thing but it’s okay I guess. It must be their partnered service in the US.
      *I obviously want them to grow so I can inherit the benefit of their expansion rather than switching companies Eg: if they start up in UK (they are planning on it is what I heard but only if there is a promising customer base itseems) I could get packages handled locally in UK which would in return benefit my customers. This also helps me maintain inventory locally in US and UK which also means the net worth of my business is increasing.
      *They allow us to get packages shipped via Airmail to any c`ountry other than the US which is super cheap except it takes 30 business days to deliver (Roughly). So far none of my packages have been misplaced.
      *They offer a variety of other postage options Eg: sometimes DHL doesn’t allow deliveries of certain prohibited products like perfumes. But FedEx may accept. So there is always an alternative like FedEx,TNT etc…
      *Their customer service was rude and arrogant when I started, maybe because they know that I am Asian lol but after I dropped in a mail to their seniors who I believe is their management emps and CEO, they resolved the matter. Now the staff are very much polite. Now we’re talking business! When there are payment issues they fix it but if they weren’t aware of the issue I report it and they still get it sorted for me. So far I haven’t had an unpleasant experience with refunds, I hope they keep up to this standard in future as well because if not that would be the most discouraging experience for a loyal customer like myself, its not always about the money you know.
      * You only need to pay $50 per year so if you’re a heavy user this is worth it. I think they have cheaper plans as well.
      * Once you are registered and when you receive a product they take pictures of it for $1 (can be disabled) so basically you need not make requests for every single thing which can be annoying.
      * I haven’t worked with any other company that offers this many services. I didn’t even think this was possible through just an online platform. because they accept something called “special requests”, so basically you could ask them to do anything with your product. Special request is just one of the fun features.

      I hope you give shipito a shot to find out the difference.

      I took the time out of my busy schedule to type this review because I think shipito deserves a good review. And now was the time.

      Good Day

  • Hi Zahra,
    I am interested in getting acquainted with the logistics of the forwarding packages, may you have a checklist of what I should consider(warehousing, shipping, declared value, fees, etc.) are the written contracts that state the operation for the businesses in the industry (US go Buy, MyUS, etc.)
    Thank you for your assistance.
    Carlos P Martin

  • Hi,
    I have been usinf MyUs and UsGobuy. In general I feel that MyUS ahs lower shipping cost however thats a HUGE downside with them. They dont allow you to edit the value of the merchandise in the shipment. That alone can cost you a significant amount of money in custom and VAT cost.
    For me in adds 30% on the cost when importing to Sweden. With Usgobuy I can edit the declared value myself to a wholesale or market price. After all the parcel forwarder is not responsible for the custom clearance, its my responsibility to declare the value I think is correct.

    So when I add up this MYUS will be much more expensive for me to use looking at my total cost.


    • Bongo and and Borderlinx also do not allow you to edit the declared value. For most of us this is the real cost, handling and shipping costs is nothing compared to be able to ship something at wholesale or market price that you decide yourself!
      In a serious comparison that should be weighted extremely high.

  • Hi Zahra, thanks for the informative article. My sis from Singapore is looking to buy from the UK and Forwardvia was recommended by her friend who used them before. I told her few other companies in the UK you mentioned provide similar services, but was told that Forwardvia offers the best value with no registration/membership fee and shipping cost wasn’t too bad either.

    Before I recommend to my sis anyone else had experience with them…. website is http://www.forwardvia.com? Recommendations pls? Thanks

    • Hi Jacob,
      At first glance I didnt see anything off about this service so my answer was going to be “sure, try them out” but they claim on their FB page that they have been around since Aug 2013 – I dont know how credible that is because their website started to function in late October 2015. This is also consistent with their Twitter and Google+ profiles because they too started around November 2015. Why is this important? To me, if someone is not honest about when they started their business and deliberately omit an “About” page from their website… is something I need to look closely into.

      If Forwardvia was honest, they would put up an “About” page and clearly state on their website that they are operated by Shop and Ship (which is a company we have covered in our post on page 3, i think) and SnS is powered by Aramex shippers. Aramex is a safe bet… Shop And Ship is fine too… but this new Forwardvia… Not a safe bet in my eyes at all.

      And here is my question, Why is Shop And Ship expanding to Forwardvia? If I was recommending a service for UK, I would say … go with Forward2Me


      • Z, thanks my sis already placed an order with forwardvia soon after I posted this comment!! She got her package in good order and fairly quick too. Her only complain was receiving too many notifications about the order progress. Anyway, she seems very pleased with their service.

        I did have a quick look at their facebook page and looking through their description info say that they officially started last sept, but was founded back in 2013. So I guess they might have been trading small back then. Hope this helps. Keep up the good post! J

  • Good article but you left out one of the OLDEST and best reviewed companies out there- US GLobal Mail. They have been around longer than MyUS and have the best reviews and service. I have tried them personally and couldn’t be happier.

  • Hi
    I’m looking for a cost effective forwarder/forwarding company that can ship my monthly parcel from Canada and US to Taiwan instead of China.
    Anyone here can help me out?

  • Hi, can you please help me find th emost cost effective parcel forwarding company from US to Australia, there are too many and I don’t know which one to trust. It would really help. Thanks – Mary

    • If you are interested in Shipping to Australia then you should take advantage of Shopfans. At the time of review, they had the best prices for australia delivery. They are also trustworthy since we tested their service out.

  • Hi Zahra,

    Very informative article, thanks a lot for this.

    Any recommendation on which to use for sending heavy items (gym equipment) to Brunei from USA?

  • Dear Zahra,
    have tested “Tiptrans.com service”…feedback negative!service very expensive !
    shipping cost calculator ,that is principal motive for to buying this service ,is convenient when you make a first simulation…..when the buyer made all and arrive to final shipping…voila’ the surprise!! from a initial cost international shipping low to go a final price x2/x3!!!incredible!fraud and lies on cost courier and weight of the packs!!!
    the “founder” of this mailforwarding agency ,initially very professional and friendly,on final is a negative person !!!for all customers,if you want to save with your purchases in China , with this agency , you will lose all your convenience.

    • Gibson, Is Cricket Post legitimate? I can’t find information on them other than their web site. They are offering a job to me, but I’m a little concerned on why I can’t find more information on them if they have been in business for years. ??
      thanks, RM

  • Thanks for the comprehensive inputs. Just one key request – if buying from Chennai- India, can any one tell me which 2 or 3 of these shippers do you suggest, purely in terms of the LOWEST probable costs

  • I came here to look for package forwarding services that accept Bitcoin. Out of the two I choose BedaBox as it look better with good customer support. One problem I have here (yes, here), signed up using your referral link at BedaBox. Did not receive my the five dollar you promise. :/.

  • Be carefuller from shipville they are scammers i ship 3 shipments for my cloths . I didn’t get any thing they don’t replay for my emails .I think they are not company but someone scammer

  • Can Shop and Ship forward parcels from Malaysia to New York, USA? How can someone who lives in the USA register an account to have mail forwarded to them from another country? I didn’t see USA listed…

  • Hello – I am looking for a company that could provide an address in Sweden to forward to the US? Any help would be appreciated

  • Zahra, I have few questions directly to you. I am from India after going through your writeup I have few concerns. As I am new to this field can you please clear my issues. it would be very helpful for me ..
    1. First I want to know that I have a corporate account with UPS, but all the companies you mentioned none is tied up with UPS. Have I options with UPS.
    2. Mostly these companies have shipping estimate calculator on their website, but that’s mainly for express and by air service for overseas. But for customer like me who don’t have fast delivery requirements can we opt for expedited economy worldwide service. I mean cheaper plan with slow delivery for shipping .
    3. I was searching and studying some forwarding and shipping companies by search from Google like bongo, viabox and ship2us and pick and ship. But none of these are listed in your list. I am not doubting your judgement but being new just want to know that , do they rank so low but google show them as main service providers?
    4. As final destination of my purchases are India so is it not very much preferable for me to opt for tax free state and warehouse.
    5. Lastly I buy by online bidding from India and some of them are govt department that require to pick up , pack and carry by self or third party service provider. Even some do not provide boxes or help. Can you help me to give reference of few good companies as I buy from almost all main states of USA. And what terms should I use to find these service provider if I want to search on any search engine.I want them to pick, pack and ship to India or sometime in USA.

    Author or Anyone who can help me will be doing great favour to me .

  • This year I changed my shopper in USA and save a lot of money. For only 1.99% fee usoutfit.com bought for me items for Christmas and they send them for low price shipping by usps internationally. Robin

  • Hi,

    Any good suggestions for cheap shipping to UAE (Dubai) from amazon USA? (Package value around $500 USD)

    Much appreciated.


    • Try out MyUS or Stackry. MyUS has an offer for a 30 day membership trial and 15% off shipping at the moment. Stackry gives you $10 credit.

    • go for UPS and ask for expedited worldwide economy service they have very reasonable prices but delivery will take 7-8 days.

    • Hi Ramin,

      Did you use any shipment forwarding? I am also from Dubai. Assuming you had used this service, was there any customs duty you paid to Dubai customs ? I am also looking at an estimated price of $500 for a laptop for the coming Black Friday.

      Thanks Yo!

  • I’m confused. There are so many choices. Which service would be the most reliable and cost effective to use to send packages to Austria?

          • Thankas Zahira,
            I really appreciate your detailed and timely response

            From last point that is :

            “Lastly I buy by online bidding from India and some of them are govt department that require to pick up , pack and carry by self or third party service provider. Even some do not provide boxes or help. Can you help me to give reference of few good companies as I buy from almost all main states of USA. And what terms should I use to find these service provider if I want to search on any search engine.I want them to pick, pack and ship to India or sometime in USA.”

            I mean I buy online from India, on USA auction website who mostly do not offer any type of packing and shipping help. They basically like the owner to walk down pack and take consignment with him or book for shipping. I want a company whom I pay by any means they go to the concerned address pacxk the goods, pick up, and then either ship directly to me in India or take it to warehouse. Warehouse maybe their own or of any third party hired by me in USA. And They should have presence in most of USA as Impurchasemfrom different states.

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